Reliable connectivity is important – but is it enough?

In a new age of cybersecurity threats and relentless DDoS attacks, your systems require a higher level of protection – and so does your brand. Internet access that offers additional layers of protection against DDoS attacks is the smart and efficient way to secure your mission-critical systems and enhance your network performance. DDoS protection is best when attacks are stopped before they hit your data center. Utilizing the physical and technological security features of an enhanced IP connection allows you to block attacks before they get inside your network. In addition, having a multi-carrier connectivity option provides greater redundancy and protection than sourcing IP from just one provider.

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Increase in DDoS attacks 100 Gbps or larger compared to Q1 2018

Average Size of DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks Use Two or More Vectors

Neustar, 2019 Q1 Cyber Threats & Trends Report


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The Complete Connectivity & DDoS Protection Solution

As the impact and costs of DDoS attacks increase, your choice of connectivity can provide the simplest solution. Now you can get enhanced Internet access with built-in DDoS attack protection from vXchnge.

vX\defend is a no-compromise IP solution designed to protect you from service disruptions and downtime from denial of service attacks. You can use vX\defend Internet access for your primary connection or as a DR/backup option and choose a service level from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. With vX\defend, you can deploy a much more robust, secure network at an affordable rate.

HOW DOES vX\defend WORK?

Connecting + Protecting Your Brand

With vX\defend, your bandwidth is delivered using a blend of industry-leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for increased resiliency and low latency, all secured by robust DDoS protection. With multiple routing paths and networks, you can be confident your business and services will remain online, even if a single ISP becomes unavailable or is under attack.

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Key benefits you get with vXdefend

100% SLA to your equipment with standard dual handoffs

Diverse routing & low latency with bandwidth from a minimum of two Tier 1 ISPs

Protection from latest attack signatures and volumetric attacks

Cost-effective services with bandwidth commits as low as 10 Mbps

Real-time traffic engineering

24/7 network engineering support

Same-day provisioning

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vX\defend offers you the convenience of one vendor for both colocation and Internet service with the added benefit of DDoS protection.

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“The costs to remediate a DDoS attack are substantially higher than to launch an attack…”

Why Do You Need Internet Access with DDoS Attack Protection?

The short answer is brand protection. The costs to remediate a DDoS attack are substantially higher than to launch an attack – which is why the number of DDoS events is rapidly rising. If your customers, users, employees, and partners rely on access to your website or cloud-based solution, your brand is at risk unless you have a proactive solution in place like vX\defend.

Additionally, DDoS protection provides enhanced security that has much wider organizational benefits. DDoS attacks are often diversionary tactics to enable other illicit activities such as data theft, fraud, etc. When an attack occurs, most IT teams are forced into an “all-hands-on-deck” situation where all resources are deployed to address the DDoS attack, leaving other vulnerabilities open. With vX\defend’s Internet access with DDoS protection, you can ensure that your team stays focused on important initiatives and isn’t at the mercy of malicious and costly cybercrime. Learn more today and safeguard your systems using vX\defend connectivity with built-in DDoS protection.

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