Authorization Lists/IDs


Only those individuals identified through in\site or in writing by the Master Administrator as authorized administrators may access the colocation area or initiate requests regarding collocated equipment or services. For each individual listed in the User Management module within in\site or included on the CCI form, the primary customer contact may specify whether the person has the authority to physically access the equipment, initiate phone/e-mail requests or both. Additionally, list members can be flagged as having the ability to request changes to the CCI form itself. Part of each Authorization List record includes an administration password, which must be provided as part of any phone or e-mail support request. vXchnge encourages the use of user-specific passwords, rather than customer-specific ones.

If the individual included in in\site or the CCI form is an independent consultant or vendor (i.e. named person is not an employee of their company), please follow the instructions above to grant access for these individuals. vXchnge requires current General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance for that consultant or vendor on file before access can be granted.