Customer Handbook


Customer Conduct

  • Customer and Customer’s employees, agents, clients, customers, invitees, and guests shall be responsible for the observance of all Rules and Regulations set forth herein.
  • Each customer will maintain its co-location area in an orderly and clean manner and in good repair and condition (reasonable wear and tear only excepted). No customer may leave litter, cartons, packaging or other unnecessary items overnight in or around its space.
  • Absolutely no food or beverage is allowed in any vXchnge data center at any time.
  • All empty equipment boxes and combustible materials must be removed from the data center or placed at designated disposal area (unless a technician is removing waste). Failure to comply will result in a Remote Hands Ticket charge.
  • Customers must keep the area surrounding of their cabinets/cages clean of cables and equipment. All cables must be organized in wire management.
  • Walking area surrounding cabinets should be clear of cables, boxes or any other equipment.
  • All vXchnge Co-location facilities are non-smoking. Customer, its employees, its invitees and guests shall not smoke in the Space, Building or indoor common areas.
  • vXchnge prohibits engaging in any activity that is in violation of the law or aids or assists any criminal activity while in a vXchnge facility or in connection with the Data Center services provided.
  • vXchnge prohibits the harassment of any individual, including vXchnge personnel and authorized administrators of other vXchnge customers.
  • No customer may touch, access, tamper or interfere with another customer’s space, equipment or property. No customer may alter, tamper with, adjust, or repair space, equipment or property of vXchnge.
  • No customer may eat, or drink within the facilities except within areas designated by vXchnge.
  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal controlled substances may not be used anywhere within the site. No person under the influence of these substances will be permitted access to the Premises.
  • Customer shall not use any method of heating or air conditioning other than the approved design provided by vXchnge. Customer shall not waste electricity, water or air conditioning. Customer shall keep corridor doors closed.
  • Customer shall not interfere with radio or television broadcasting or reception from or in the Building or elsewhere.
  • Customer shall not install any radios or television antennas, satellite dish, loudspeakers or other devices on the roof or exterior walls of the Building/Space except as provided under the Master Service Agreement.
  • Customer shall not create or maintain a nuisance in the Space. Nor make or permit any noise or odor use or operate any electrical or electronic devices that emit loud sound, airwaves, or odors, that are objectionable to other Customers of the Building or any adjoining building or premises; nor shall the Space be used for lodging or sleeping nor any immoral or illegal purpose that will violate any law, damage to the Space, or injure the reputation of the Building or Property or Space.
  • No signage, placard, pictures, advertisement, name or notice shall be installed or displayed on any part of the inside or outside of the Building and/or space without the written consent of vXchnge. vXchnge shall have the right to remove, at the Tenant’s expense and without notice, any signage installed or displayed in violation of this rule. All approved signage or lettering on doors and walls shall be printed, painted, affixed or inscribed at the expense of the Customer by a subcontractor/vendor selected by vXchnge. In addition, vXchnge reserves the right to change from time to time the format of the signage or lettering and to require previously approved signs to be appropriately altered.
  • Customer shall not mark, drive nails, screw or drill into the walls, flooring, or ceilings, or in any way deface the Space without specific prior written approval from vXchnge.
  • Customer shall be responsible for the cost of any repairs related to any damage resulting from non-compliance with this rule.
  • Customers may not alter, tamper with, damage, adjust, repair, interfere with, or breach the security of its Licensed Space or the facility (including, without limitation, the electrical and other building systems of the facility). Any equipment or property leased, licensed or owned by vXchnge (including, without limitation, any Cross- Connects, mechanical equipment or electrical equipment, which only vXchnge will install, repair or alter.
  • Restricted access areas include but are not limited to another Customers’ licensed space, supporting structures, vXchnge tray systems, equipment areas, and any area marked as Restricted.
  • Customers may not take any photographs, visual recordings, or audio recording inside the Data Center unless you have prior written approval from vXchnge.
  • Abandoned vehicles in dedicated parking facilities are subject to be towed at the owner’s expense.