Customer Convenience Items

The items listed here are for customer’s convenience only. Please be advised that these services, tools, and equipment are available on first-come-first-served basis only and are provided as is without any SLA or warranties.

Wireless Internet Access

vXchnge provides wireless Internet access as a convenience for our customers and does not guarantee uptime. Customers are reminded that they are not permitted to set up their own wireless access points unless authorized by vXchnge in writing. If you have any questions or would like to request the password to access wireless, please engage with the local Site Operations team.

Equipment Carts

Equipment carts are provided for the purpose of bringing equipment in and out of the Data Center. We appreciate any feedback on broken carts, so that we can remedy the problem as quickly as possible. Carts must be returned to the storage area after usage.

Server Lifts

Server lifts are offered in some of our Data Center locations and are available on a first come first serve basis but require a vXchnge technician to operate the lift. Customers should open a Remote Hands ticket to reserve technician time to operate the lift.

Courtesy Carts

vXchnge maintains an inventory of Courtesy Carts, which provide customers the use of monitor, keyboard and mouse to assist customer on server installation and troubleshooting. A Courtesy Cart is available based on first come first serve. Customer should respect other customer's need and should release Courtesy Cart and return it to cart area if usage is completed or if not needed.

Short-Term Secure Storage

On occasion, customers may need to ship equipment to vXchnge prior to their scheduled site visit. vXchnge provides short-term secure storage area available for this purpose, but requires advanced notice of any such shipment. Please review the Shipping and Receiving Procedures for additional information. In addition, customers may use this storage for interim equipment movement. If the equipment is not picked up after ten days, it will be removed from the secure area.

Basic Hand Tools

Customers are encouraged to bring their own tools. If needed, a full assortment of basic hand tools is available at the customer’s request for hardware configurations and upgrades. Customers must be prepared to submit a valid photo ID in order to check out any tools. Customers are responsible for returning any tools in good working order. If the tools are found to be damaged or not returned, the customer is responsible for full replacement costs.

Real-time Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) Tracking

vXchnge ITAM solutions allow customers to conveniently track the location of their assets in real-time without leaving their office. Customer assets are affixed with passive RFID transmitter tags, which are actively monitored within the customer assigned space. Should the asset move outside the customer assigned space, the ITAM solution will alert the customer and local facility engineers to the asset movement for immediate investigation. This offers protection from unauthorized movement, loss of capital investment, and provides protection of investment. For additional information about this product, please refer to the data sheet on vXchnge’s website or contact your Account Executive.

vXchnge will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any asset tagged using this product. vXchnge will not challenge any persons identified as leaving a data center with assets not previously approved for removal. A signed Sales Order or a Remote Hands ticket relating to the ITAM product grants vXchnge permission to open customer cabinet(s) to perform RFID installation. A signed Sales Order or Remote Hands tickets also releases vXchnge from all liability, including financial responsibility, for any loss, damage, or outage that may result of the installation and placement of tags on customer equipment.

in\site - the vXchnge Customer Platform

The in\site platform is vXchnge’s foundation for providing you ‘Datacenter-as-a-Service’ to help you make smarter decisions about your standalone, multi-site, or Edge micro-data centers. For a complete and up-to-date list of in\site features, please visit our website.

The in\site platform is continuously being improved with new features and functionality to provide you even greater visibility into your micro-data center. These improvements are delivered according to our preferred update schedule. Users may notice intermittent availability during these time periods. Additional maintenance windows (outside of those listed) may be required on occasion to maintain system performance, security, or reliability. We will continue to send notifications for emergency releases outside of posted windows that may impact users.

 Only authorized personnel can login to in\site and view and/or change specific information. As previously mentioned, all personnel must be authorized via a Master Admin.