vXchnge Data Center Access Policy and Compliance

For access to all vXchnge facilities, Customer is required to comply with vXchnge’s general security procedures (see the section entitled “Security and Emergency Procedures” later in this document). Approved access to vXchnge facilities is restricted to those individuals whose names have been provided by the Customer and in turn, enrolled in the access control system at permitted locations.

 Upon execution and implementation of an Agreement with vXchnge, and receipt by vXchnge of the vXchnge Customer Access form, provided to Customers as part of the onboarding process, those names identified on the vXchnge Customer Access form will be granted the role of ‘Master Admin’ in in\site, which gives them the ability to manage the company's users and their access to the in\site system and the appropriate vXchnge Data Centers. Users with the 'Master Admin' role can add new users, edit existing users, or remove users from the company. Customers are welcome to enter the vXchnge facilities in order to install, operate or maintain their equipment, and conduct business as outlined in the Agreement. vXchnge will not permit access to the Data Center if a representative of your company does not have Data Center access authorization within in\site.

Access can be granted to contractors and other third parties through in\site by Master Administrators, users who have the ‘User can grant temporary Data Center access to others’ option enabled, or by users authorized to create Site Access Support tickets. When creating Site Access tickets, a start and end time for access must be entered, and the name of the individual(s) must be submitted. Upon submitting the ticket, a confirmation will be sent to your email.

vXchnge provides access to its facilities 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The right of entry is in accordance with any additional policies and procedures identified by the management of the buildings in which vXchnge facilities are located (e.g., certain entry doors, stairways or elevators that must be used, or building sign-in procedures). During such visits, Customers may inspect their equipment and the immediate area(s) where their equipment is located and work on their equipment.

Customers are obligated to follow vXchnge policy when receiving access:

  •  All customer personnel who wish to access the facility must be registered with the vXchnge Access Control System.

  • No one under 18 years of age is allowed in the Data Center.

  • All visitors are required to use multi-factor authentication in order to enter the facility (for facilities employing biometric and PIN credentials).

  • All visitors are required to authenticate upon EXIT from the Data Center (for facilities employing both biometric and PIN credentials). Failure to do so will activate the security alarm.

  • A Certificate of Insurance for both General Liability and Workers Compensation must be on file with accounting before the customer can be registered in our security system (see co-location contract).

  • Users with the ’Master Admin’ role in in\site can authorize new/additional personnel to enter the data center through the User Management module of within in\site .

  • A user with the ‘Master Admin‘ role in in\site  must grant access through in\site to a particular user before that user can gain gaining access to a vXchnge facility.

  • To cancel or reassign access, the ’Master Admin must remove access or delete the user from within in\site.

  • Presenting a valid government-issued photo identification is required to access the facility

  • Each authorized representative will be supplied with her/his own unique access code linked to their biometric data.

  • All guests authorized for temporary access to the facility are required to complete the Facility Sign-In Log acknowledging vXchnge’s non-disclosure statements before entering the data center

  • No “tailgating” or “piggy-backing” through access-controlled doors or barriers is allowed at any time. Please do not allow anyone to enter secure access doors when entering or exiting said areas.