vX\direct Ideal is a DRaaS Services for vXchnge customers to gain access to needed Disaster recovery and Back-up services. Through our partner, Ideal Integrations, vXchnge has delivered an easy service to ensure your DRaaS and Back-up needs are easily delivered with a full requirement gathering and detailed explanation of services and understanding from both parties on what is needed and being delivered.

  1. Ideal Integrations/vXchnge may, at its discretion and with the permission of the Client, perform services at times outside of the normal work week.
  2. This Agreement does not cover any third-party software, equipment or warranties unless otherwise stated herein.
  3. Client shall grant Ideal/vXchnge complete administrative access to the system at necessary times so that Ideal/vXchnge may complete all necessary work.

  4. This Agreement specifically excludes the following: changes or alterations in specifications or operating requirements; installation, moving, or removing of units, options, or attachments; supplies, accessories and expendable items; labor or replacement of parts or repair of damage resulting from accident, operator error, programming errors, misuse, failure of electrical power or of air conditioning, or from any cause other than ordinary use; program and data failures; and, problems caused by individuals or companies that are not representatives of the Ideal/vXchnge.

    1. Delivery and installation will be made during normal working hours, unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon in writing by both parties. Client shall be solely responsible for additional labor costs resulting from overtime work performed at the Client’s request. Merchandise shipped direct to the Client from the manufacturer will be the responsibility of the Client. Client must report shortages, damages, or errors with respect to such merchandise, in writing, within ten (10) days of the delivery date of that merchandise. Ideal will thereupon repair or replace, as necessary, such merchandise as has been damaged at the time of the Client’s receipt by persons other than the Client or those under the Client’s control. All other merchandise shall be deemed to have been fully accepted by the Client subject only to final installation thereof to be performed by the Ideal. Damaged merchandise must be made available for inspection and/or removal by Ideal in order to expedite the resolution process.
    2. Merchandise delivered and brought onto the job site by Ideal or shipper as scheduled shall be inspected and fully accepted at the time of delivery by the Client, subject only to any final installation thereof to be performed by the Ideal. Failure to report any shortages, damages, or errors in writing, at the time of delivery, will constitute Client’s full acceptance of the merchandise.

  6. WARRANTIES: The Ideal makes no warranties express or implied, including warranties as to the merchantability or as to the fitness of the merchandise for any particular use of purpose, and Ideal shall not be liable for any loss or damage, directly or indirectly, arising from the use of such merchandise or for consequential damages. Client's damages, if any, are limited to those amounts paid by Client to Ideal hereunder.