Equipment, Materials and Connections

In an effort to provide seamless installation support and ensure the customer’s space is appropriately prepared, vXchnge suggests that our Customers provide a detailed installation plan 30 days prior to the installation of equipment. The installation plan should include a spreadsheet detailing the make and model numbers for the devices to be deployed (including the basic device configuration details) and a rack-level diagram if available. In the absence of an approved plan, vXchnge may be unable to meet the customer requested installation timeframe. vXchnge reserves the right to require Customer to rework equipment configurations in order to remain within the vXchnge site specifications.

Customers are responsible for the proper installation, configuration and maintenance of their equipment in vXchnge facilities and for any connections to the vXchnge distribution infrastructure, even when installed by a vXchnge technician. Upon completion of installation, Customers are responsible for promptly removing all packaging and/or other materials brought into the facility. Because such materials may pose a hazard, health or safety risk to others, Customer may be required to reimburse vXchnge for any reasonable expenses resulting from vXchnge’s removal and/or disposal of such materials. At the conclusion of any work in the Data Center, the customer shall ensure all cables are routed and dressed neatly, and all doors are closed and locked, and the equipment or area is left in a closed, orderly, and secure manner.

For all installations, vXchnge must approve Customer’s projected floor loadings to ensure that items do not exceed either the load per square foot that the floor is designed to support or the maximum legal limit for the space. vXchnge reserves the right to prescribe the weight and position of all equipment installed in the facilities, and Customer will be invoiced for any necessary engineering evaluation, floor support design and installation resulting from the placement of equipment that exceeds floor load specifications. Such Services will require a mutually agreeable Customer Order prior to installation.

The customer is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance and configuration of their equipment to ensure that their equipment and software are compatible with and do not interfere with the proper operation of the vXchnge distribution infrastructure or other Customer.

vXchnge is not a customs agent and will not sign powers of attorney or like documentation for the importation of equipment on behalf of Customer. The customer is responsible for retaining its own customs agent for payment of duties, completion of paperwork, etc. to process shipments through customs.

vXchnge requires at least 30 business days prior written notice from the customer if the customer intends to completely remove all of the customer’s equipment from the vXchnge premises.

vXchnge prefers that Customers remove, pack and ship their equipment themselves. In certain situations, vXchnge will perform the service pursuant to a Remote Hands ticket but will only pack and ship customer equipment if customer executes a complete waiver and release and subject to other requirements outlined in this Handbook. vXchnge reserves the right to use third party vendors to perform the work on our behalf if the Statement of Work requires specialized assistance. vXchnge disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from vXchnge performing these services.