Layout/Rack Deployment

vXchnge suggests an operational review of a customer’s “as-built” layout designs prior to installation to ensure compliance with vXchnge design standards. Customers should contact the local Operations Manager for further information. All customer installations must utilize a “hot aisle/cold aisle” row design. Airflow design is intended to direct cold air to the intake of racked equipment as efficiently as possible. See below.


Avoiding air recirculation will maximize airflow and improve equipment performance. The use of blanking panels is important in eliminating air recirculation within the data center and may increase the stability and lifespan of equipment.

Cabinet/Cage Installations Must Conform to Data Center Air Flow Requirements.

  • All equipment air intakes must be directed to the designated cold aisle All equipment exhaust must be directed to the designated hot aisle Blanking panels are required to be used in cabinet gaps facing cold aisles.
  • Equipment/Structures that are found to be impeding air flow in a cage area will not be allowed.
  • All cabinets/racks in the cold aisles shall be aligned flush with each other so as to form a straight line.
  • Server faceplates/intakes should be installed flush with the cabinet/rack rails to maximize airflow and cooling efficiency.
  • Stack equipment adjacent to each other to reduce the amount of blanking panels required to be installed.
  • Customers are required to keep the aisle-way clear of debris at all times.


  • All safety concerns should be reported immediately to security and/or vXchnge’s operations personnel.
  • Customers are restricted to using only those electrical circuits which have been installed specifically for Customer’s use.
  • All electrical work within the facility and Tenant premises shall be done by licensed electricians and in compliance with all applicable NEC, local codes, and not exceed 80% of the breaker rating.
  • All cabinets will be grounded upon installation.

Space and Power Re-Installation Policy

  • Cabinets, Cages and Power re-installations are treated exactly like new installations. The cabinet, cage or power Non-Recurring Charge (NRC) is charged again when a re-installation is requested, and the Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) is reinstated.

Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

  • Customer process: Customer provides written notice of its intent to use a portion or all of the ROFR cabinets and associated requisite power. After receiving the written notice, vXchnge will have seven business days to review and approve the space and power request and submit the Sales Order to the customer. If not approved, vXchnge will notify Customer of the reason(s).

  • vXchnge process: Upon written notice by vXchnge, Customer will have five (5) business days to sign a Sales Order for the ROFR cabinets at then-current rates or release the designated cabinets identified in the Sales Order. If Customer does not sign a Sales Order for the designated ROFR cabinets by close of business on the fifth business day, vXchnge reserves the right to release the designated cabinets identified in the Sales Order.

Raised Floor

  • vXchnge will lift or remove raised floor tiles in the event access to sub-floor plenum is needed.
  • Safety cones and barricades will be set up in all areas where floor tiles are removed or other hazards exist.
  • All authorized raised floor penetrations shall be properly sealed and contained Perforated floor tile configurations may only be adjusted by vXchnge personnel.
  • Raised floor grommets are to be left in place.