Customer Handbook


Other Shipping/Receiving Policies

  • Customer Customer shall not use in any space or in the public halls of the Building any hand trucks except those equipped with the rubber tires and side guards or such other material- handling equipment as vXchnge may approve.
  • Customer, its contractors and/or agents, shall not exceed the capacity of any passenger or freight elevator or shall be liable for all costs and damages that are sustained. vXchnge may require deliveries to be scheduled in advance for the use of the freight elevator.
  • All deliveries must be made via the service entrance and the elevators designed by vXchnge for service. No equipment, materials, furniture, packages, supplies, merchandise, or other property will be received in the Building and/or Space or carried in the elevators. vXchnge’s written approval prior to such deliveries.
  • Customer must adhere to all building and where applicable union rules for shipping, installation, or removal of any equipment. vXchnge may require a written plan prior to the commencement of any work within vXchnge’s Data Centers.
  • Deliveries during non-standard business hours (after hours, holiday or weekend deliveries) require prior approval and will be billed to your account as a vXchnge Remote Hands charge.
  • You must communicate in writing any special shipping or packing instructions and if special packaging material is required.
  • vXchnge shipping areas are designed for just-in-time shipping arrangements, meaning there is limited space for storage.
  • Charges for loading dock use after normal hours, weekends and holidays may apply.
  • 2 business days advance notice is always required for the use of the freight elevator at our multi-tenant buildings. You can provide notice by entering a ticket via the in\site portal or sending an email to Please review the Data Center Fact Sheets for details or contact support.
  • vXchnge will not accept Cash on Delivery shipments on the customer's behalf.
  • vXchnge will not accept unidentified packages or packages containing hazardous materials.
  • vXchnge reserves the right to visually and/or physically inspect shipments at the Data Center loading dock area.
  • You are responsible for moving your shipments to and from the shipping/receiving area and your cage. If you need assistance you can open a vXchnge Remote Hands ticket.
  • You can open a vXchnge Remote Hands ticket to request that vXchnge pack your shipments and dispose packing materials.
  • vXchnge is not responsible or liable for any missing equipment or damage that may occur during the packaging or shipment of your equipment.