vXchnge Operating, LLC (“vXchnge”) Policies and Procedures (“Policies”) govern colocation and/or interconnection participation at all vXchnge facilities, as referenced in the Master Service

Agreement or prior versions of same (“Agreements”) and Customer Orders between vXchnge and its Customer. These Policies are designed to ensure that all Customers (as well as their customers) and others accessing the vXchnge facilities on their behalf, (collectively, “Customer”), and their property and equipment housed in the facilities are afforded an equivalent level of protection and quality of service. In order to maximize the uniformity and

value of these Policies, and in recognition of the evolving nature of the telecommunications and Internet industries, vXchnge may update this document from time to time without any prior notice. Copies of these Policies are always available upon request or downloadable on in\site.

In its underlying Agreements, vXchnge asks all customers to abide by these Policies and to ensure that their employees, agents, invitees, and guests are familiar with and abide by them. vXchnge reserves the right to enforce these Policies through various mechanisms that include restrictions on or denial of additional services and/or access to vXchnge premises and, in extreme cases, termination of the underlying Agreement. Please note, enforcement of these Policies is not dependent on our customer’s formal notification of said Policies, and all Customers are responsible for knowing and understanding the Policies contained within, and ignorance of said Policies does not inhibit vXchnge’s ability to enforce.

For consistency, the terms used in the Policies that follow, have the same meanings as in the Agreements (unless otherwise noted). vXchnge’s Operations and Sales departments are always ready to answer any questions that arise.