Customer Handbook


Receiving Policies

  • All vXchnge data centers have limited short term storage space. We ask that all customers provide as much notice as possible when sending large shipments to the site and that you plan shipments for when equipment is planned to be installed.
  • All shipments sent to a vXchnge facility must open an associated ticket prior to a delivery date, notifying us of the pending delivery.
  • vXchnge will work in good-faith with the customer to store your shipment for a very short period based on our shared storage availability at the site at the given time. If the site cannot accommodate the request, they will provide the customer a written notice on alternative options. vXchnge reserves the right to return the package to the orignal sender should a ticket not be open or space not permitting.
  • If a shipment needs to be stored for a prolonged period of time, please coordinate with your vXchnge Sales team as charges may apply.
  • vXchnge has the right to refuse a package that is improperly labeled or severely damaged. By default, visibly damaged shipments will be accepted.
  • vXchnge is not responsible or liable for any missing equipment or damage that may occur during packaging and shipping. Photographs provided upon request.
  • When your shipment arrives on-site:
    • You will receive an automated notification via email.
    • Only those customer personnel, who are authorized by their CCI to access the facility, are allowed to check out any packages.
    • You are responsible for moving your shipments to and from the shipping/receiving area and your cage/cabinet. You may request help with a delivery via the vXchnge Remote Hands billable service.
    • You can open a vXchnge Remote Hands ticket to request that vXchnge unpack your shipments and dispose of packing materials.
  • Please do not leave items unattended at loading docks and areas outside the Data Center. vXchnge reserves the right to remove said items if necessary.