Remote Hands Requests

vXchnge offers, as an optional service, Remote Hands technical support services to all Customers where vXchnge’s technicians can, at the requesting customer’s direction, complete various installation, maintenance and repair tasks.

Because vXchnge’s Operations Technicians are acting as a “remote” set of “hands” and “eyes” at the direction of the requesting customer, the requestor needs to provide clear, specific and detailed instructions. The vXchnge Operations Technician will not act on any direction that they deem to be unclear, incomplete, dangerous or otherwise inadvisable, particularly if they believe such action will interfere with the vXchnge distribution infrastructure or another customer’s equipment. Ultimately, it is up to the on-duty Technician to determine whether to perform a requested task, and vXchnge will not be obligated to provide these services. In any event, vXchnge will not be responsible or liable for carrying out any requested procedure (as long as it does so in accordance with the instructions provided).

vXchnge offers custom remote hands service that includes the execution of specific, predefined steps outlined by the customer with respect to their equipment and associated services. In the event a customer’s monitored service (power, bandwidth, etc) is deemed to be “down,” vXchnge Operations Technicians will carry out the defined procedures for the system in question when a support ticket is opened. This service may range from a simple system reboot, to slightly more complex steps, which might involve restarting a specific application/service or re-seating a network connection. In some cases, the instructions may simply request that the customer be contacted and advised of the problem, with no further action required. Custom Remote Hands engagements outside of the scope of the standard offering will be accompanied by a Statement of Work (SOW) defining the engagement.

Remote Hands are billed in 30-minute increments.