Remote Hands Services

Remote Hands is a professional service offering that is typically short duration work to help customers install, decommission, troubleshoot and configure their environments. Historically this work is less than an hour but can be longer. Customers authorized to submit requests for technical support may do so using the in\site business intelligence platform, or by contacting the OSSC (800) 553-1829. The request is then dispatched to a member of the site or Network Operations based on the information provided in the support ticket. All requests are prioritized based on the severity declared by the customer and information provided within the request. No SLA exists for this service; it is provided as staff is available.  There are two types of professional services:

Value-Added Services Customer Benefits by Outsourcing
Remote Hands
  • Provides customers with a remote set of hands/eyes when they can’t physically be there
  • Provides 24 x 7 (in most locations) pre-scheduled and emergency technical support so customers can focus on their core business
  • Delivers greater flexibility and better value per maintenance dollar
  • Provides expert, round the clock resources on an as-needed basis, without the cost of in-house staffing
  • Provides customers the ability to ship items from
vXchnge facilities to the location of the customer’s choice
Customer Installation Services
  • Provides customers the flexibility of having a complex installation managed by vXchnge technicians, based on a Statement of Work agreed upon by customer.


With Remote Hands service, our vXchnge Technicians can provide some basic assistance to customers on an as-needed basis. Many times a customer needs vXchnge to provide services where more complex or time-consuming action may be required to accomplish a task that would otherwise require a customer's physical presence to complete. These services are well suited for advanced technical or professional services needs where highly skilled technicians and/or engineers may be needed to accomplish a task or provide assistance with a complex system or network component, software application, or operating system. These Remote Hands services are billed at vXchnge's current hourly rates billed in half hour increments.

Examples of Remote Hands services include:

  • Rebooting equipment, toggling a switch or setting an externally accessible dip-switch.
  • Reading off serial numbers on equipment to customer.
  • Providing visual verification (remote eyes) to assist customer's troubleshooting efforts.
  • Relaying equipment status indicators or typing simple commands on a pre-installed console.
  • Handling occasional inbound packages for customer.
  • Shipping and handling equipment greater than 30 minutes.
  • Plug in a console port for remote management by customer.
  • Moving or securing cables or customer-side cross-connects.
  • Replacing or verifying connectivity integrity of vXchnge provided cross-connects.
  • Adding, removing, or verifying a demarcation label.
  • Basic troubleshooting of customer equipment.
  • Inventorying a customer's equipment or taking digital pictures of equipment or co-location space
  • Labeling equipment and cable connections.
  • Assisting customer with physically installing, relocating, or movement of equipment.
  • Audits for Power, Cross Connect, Link Status, Equipment Status.
  • Installing, replacing/removing components (e.g., router/switch, internal module or card, disk drive, memory, etc.) that are hot-swappable and/or highly modular in design.
  • Swapping of pre-labeled, pre-ejected, removable media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • PDU installation in customer cabinet.
  • Installing customer provided software with default configurations or specific and basic customer-provided instructions.
  • Diagnostic and signal testing a circuit with diagnostic equipment.
  • Loop-back testing for Telco circuits (DS1, DS3, OC-3, and OC-12, etc.)
  • Rack and Stack. Full deployment of delivered infrastructure, including hardware, software, middleware, and related components.
  • Critical data backup and/or restore operations.
  • Tape Management (changes, vaulting, offsite storage pickup/return).
  • Trash Removal/Dumpsters.
  • Escorted Access.

NOTE: Some of these services may require a signed liability waiver and/or customer configuration with process maps.