Service-Affecting Problem Reporting and Escalation Procedures

vXchnge Operating, LLC., is committed to achieving excellence in customer support and provides a structured procedure when the need arises for escalation of service affecting trouble events. Our mission is to provide a solution to each service-affecting problem in a short timeframe for ensuring that all our valued customer realize full services at all times.

However, situations may arise where loss of services cannot be remedied as timely as we would like.

In the event of a vXchnge service affecting problem that holds the potential to affect one or more customer connections or services, a master support ticket will be created to track problem status leading toward a final resolution. This support ticket initiates a series of events that will automatically occur during the problem resolution cycle, and will be communicated to authorized users by the Operations Service Support Center (OSSC).

a) 00:00 - Initial Customer Service-Affecting Problem Call Received

At this point, a new support ticket is created, and the OSSC Specialist gathers the details of the problem. If the preliminary analysis determines the problem cannot be immediately resolved, is part of a larger customer impacting event or involves a carrier outage, the customer will be given a support ticket reference number along with an explanation of next steps. The OSSC Specialist will dispatch the support ticket to a member of Network or Site Operations and document a timeline for recording all corrective action taken and resources working on the problem.

b) 00:30 - First Level Escalation

If the Technician is unable to resolve the problem after thirty minutes of symptom diagnosis and troubleshooting to the customer's satisfaction, the support ticket is escalated to the attention of an Operations Manager to ensure all necessary troubleshooting steps and procedures are being performed. If the impact is local to one customer, the Operations Manager will ensure latest updated are being provided through the support ticket.

c) 01:00 - Second Level Escalation

At the one-hour interval from ticket origination, if the problem has not been resolved to the customer's satisfaction, the Operations Manager will notify the Director of Operations with a detailed description of the fault/issue and a full progress report on the on-going resolution plan. The Director of Operations will evaluate the process and revise the planned approach in conference with the local Operations team members.

d) 04:00 - Third Level Escalation

After a customer service affecting trouble ticket has been open for four hours, the Director of Operations will escalate the situation to the Vice President of Operations to ensure executive awareness of any serious or ongoing problems.

e) Continuing Status Updates

The customer contact is kept informed of all developments or significant changes in status every thirty minutes by the Network or Site Operations team members working the problem. The customer contact may request a more or less frequent interval to suit their particular needs on a case by case basis.

f) 06:00 - Fourth Level Escalation

If a service-affecting problem remains unresolved to the customer's satisfaction after six hours, the details of the ticket will be escalated to the President of vXchnge Operating, LLC. or their designate. Any customer service affecting problem that would resist a solution for this length of time is of significant interest to the executive staff at vXchnge Operating, LLC. and would typically include the involvement of our suppliers' management teams at the highest levels.

The Operations Problem Management process will provide technical ownership, timely resolution, and proper communication during customer service-affecting problems. The process provides our customers with updated status information from the moment a service-affecting problem is discovered. It is this commitment to excellence and sense of urgency that allows vXchnge Operating, LLC. to work as a team with our customers and suppliers to provide the highest quality service and support.