Technical Support

The vXchnge Operations Service Support Center (OSSC) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is responsible for monitoring the security and overall operations of our Data Centers. This includes responding to building and network monitoring alerts, site access requests and other support requests initiated by customers either in person, via telephone, or the vXchnge Customer Support Platform, in\site, (only authorized users will have access to  in\site). Customers should consider updating their in\site user authorizations immediately if they would like additional personnel to have access to the Data Center or the ability to submit requests for technical support.

 Customer representatives, who have been authorized by a Master Admin in in\site to make requests specific to the co-located equipment, may log a request at any time. When calling in, customers will be asked to identify themselves and will be challenged to verify their identity using specific contact information before the request is accepted.