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vXchnge understands our unique needs for our online retail business requirements "this is a true differentiator."



I have been in many data center centers (Equinix, Coresite, TELx, etc) and these guys have some key differentiators that blur the line from traditional hosting data centers and those used by hyper-scale folks like Azure. They are doing some cool things like instrumenting asset management and exposing API’s that are all aimed at streamlining operations and lowering costs for customers when evaluating total cost of operations.



Our rapid growth required us to partner with a data center services company that was not only reliable, but maintained the proper power and capabilities to allow us to easily and quickly scale. vXchnge has exceeded our expectations as we continue to grow our company and we’re excited to expand even further in the coming months.



vXchnge’s broad geographic footprint enables Cogent to reach more businesses and continue to offer the high quality services, we have committed to providing to customers. In addition, vXchnge has a strong record of operational resiliency and quality of service, which is required for us to continue to serve our customers as we do.



Businesses using vXchnge now have the option of leveraging Comcast Business point-to-point network to optimize their business performance.



We see tremendous value and opportunity by deploying within the Secaucus facility. Our presence within vXchnge’s data center and the ecosystem of businesses and carriers we now have access to, not only augments our own network reach, but also enables future business growth.



As businesses implement their hybrid IT environments, the role of colocation is changing. Yesterday’s power and space based colocations services may give way to a new breed of data centers services, led by vXchnge



As part of our continued effort to strategically expand the Hurricane Electric network throughout the globe and meet the growing needs of our customers, we are excited to extend our presence within vXchnge’s award-winning data center facility in Santa Clara, a city that neighbors our own facilities in Fremont. By expanding into vXchnge’s facility, our joint customers are awarded increased reliability and redundancy.

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In our search for prime data centers to connect to, vXchnge registered high on our radar, not only for its prime West Coast location, but for its industry leading data center design that supports high-power and cooling densities, a necessity for new cloud service deployments. vXchnge’s flexible, high-performance infrastructure platforms are designed to afford customers and service providers growth and scale dimensions that our clients’ applications and technologies demand. We look forward to providing a connectivity solution for our mutual customers that require vXchnge’s infrastructure capabilities and Integra’s high capacity network services. These customers are afforded seamless, secure transport via our available high-bandwidth products.

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Companies such as CMS are looking for high performance fiber connectivity between facilities and to back-up their business-critical applications. We are excited to expand our metro-area fiber network footprint into one of vXchnge’s top-tier data centers, and to provide Cleveland-area businesses, like CMS, with access to our high-speed optical solutions. Additionally, our clients benefit as well; for example, by connecting with vXchnge’s high performance infrastructure platform, our Lightower customers can easily expedite their cloud service deployments.

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Madison Technology

Upon learning about vXchnge in our search for a premier data center provider in the Westchester area, we were pleased not only with the prime location of the facility, but with its ability to deliver a high-density infrastructure solution that incorporates the latest technologies and monitoring systems, backed by a highly stable power grid and dedicated service team. Thanks to vXchnge’s flexible infrastructure and service options that are custom-designed to scale with any business, MTI was provided essentially our own Micro Data CenterSM, complete with power and bandwidth solution that works best for our growing company. vXchnge is also able to accommodate space for our clients as needed, allowing us to expand on our managed services offering – a clear win-win for MTI.

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vXchnge provides the level of service, security and compliance we need to ensure all of our customers’ data and technological requirements are met, especially as the landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

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Today’s companies have an irrefutable need to bring their business operations to the Cloud. As such, OneStepCloud needed a dependable and secure infrastructure with robust power capabilities. vXchnge provided all of this, as well as the ability to connect with multiple carrier networks, providing greater redundancy, reach, and revenue points, for our clients. We are thrilled to have vXchnge as our data center partner and have plans to expand our services to their east coast data center network in the near future.

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We use data center service providers worldwide and vXchnge is by far the best to deal with, they are a frictionless partner to SAP.

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Tech Mahindra

vXchnge knows how to build and run a data center

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TechLAB Innovation Center

With its robust marketplace of networks and content providers, vXchnge enables our clients to incubate within one strategic ecosystem, gradually making the necessary connections to deploy their business applications nationally. Together, vXchnge and TechLAB have built an environment that will support the needs of start-ups from partners such as One Step Cloud, a Hybrid Cloud Solution Platform, that will meet the business needs of today, and manage their rapid growth and business acceleration for tomorrow.

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As a solution that supports our users’ analytical and simulation problems 24/7, we looked to outsource our data center needs so we could focus solely on our core business. We required a secure and dependable infrastructure that our customers could count on to keep their applications running. The security and equipment support, alongside vXchnge’s diverse carrier-neutral marketplace, provides TidalScale customers with peace of mind and the ability to scale with ease.

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Virtual Density

Unlike other data centers we have worked with in the New York metro area, vXchnge’s Westchester facility is uniquely able to handle our dynamic growth requirements in high-density computing and keep things running smoothly for our clients. As an IT firm focused solely on Cloud Services, we need a secure environment that allows us to easily scale, and vXchnge provides all that and more.

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Whole Foods Infrastructure

We are highly satisfied with vXchnge and the Austin Staff!