An Experienced Leadership Team

Charles Browning

Senior Vice President of Operations

Charlie is responsible for operations and site management.

Prior to joining vXchnge, Charlie was Senior Vice President of Operations at Switch & Data where he was responsible for operations and site management for Switch and Data’s colocation and PAIX data centers located throughout North America. Switch & Data’s customers consistently recognized site management and operations teams for their unparalleled support and expertise. Charlie contributes his extensive knowledge in business planning, sales management, and network management and surveillance in the telecommunications and information service industry.

Prior to joining Switch & Data, Charlie held executive telecom operations positions with companies including UNISYS, NYNEX, and TCSI Corporation.

Core Values

Our management team embarked on a very big mission a few years ago to “reinvent colocation from the ground up.” Their vision was to build a new company, driven by our core values, and attract similar value-driven team members who share our passion for the highest level of customer care and performance.  Today we believe we are well on our way to building this company!

Trust and reliability — we are dedicated to listening and responding to our customers’ diverse business and infrastructure needs. Trust is our foremost attribute, affording you the ability to extend your brand with confidence.

High performance — we adopted the Bell Systems Practices (BSP’s) by implementing training and documenting technical procedures for reliability and continuous operations, all delivered by BSP-trained technicians. As our customer, you can expect high levels of uptime, enabling your company to deliver your services with a competitive, reliable edge.

High impact — many legacy colocation companies operate data centers that are designed for low-power density deployments. These designs are becoming obsolete, unable to support the new high-power density technologies.

According to an IDC Data Center Infrastructure Management Survey, 84% of data centers have issues with power, space, cooling, and uptime that negatively impacted business operations.  In stark contrast, our vXchnge data centers are designed for high performance with 100%+ uptime — guaranteed, so you can focus on innovating your business services with peace of mind.