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Data Center Migration Readiness Self Assessment Tool

Answer the below questions to assess how ready your company is for a data center migration.

Which of the following best describes your existing data solution?

What is your biggest challenge with your existing data solutions?

Is your company’s leadership team exploring solutions to meet the challenges of your existing data solutions?

Have you evaluated what your network and application needs will look like in 5 years?

Have you assessed your space, power, and cooling needs for your ideal data solution?

Have you established a budget for a data center migration (i.e. may include startup, technical, and/or business costs)?

Do you have an internal migration team in place that will help manage the project (i.e. team leads from each department, overall project manager, etc.)?

Have you inventoried which equipment will need to be migrated?

How much of your data needs to be replicated prior to a migration?

What are your internet connectivity needs?

What are your cloud connectivity needs?

How are you planning to physically relocate your equipment?

Please answer all questions before proceeding

You're Ready!

What to do next

Wow! You’re really far along and it looks like you’ve done all you can on your own. For next steps on how to tackle your data center migration, we recommend chatting with one of our solutions architects for a more detailed, complementary data center migration assessment.

Just A Bit More Direction and You’re There!

What to do next

It looks like you have a good understanding of what a data center migration entails. But now it’s time to start working out the details so that your migration can be a success when the time comes. To help further you along, we recommend utilizing the below resources.

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With Some More Work, You’ll Get There!

What to do next

It looks like you need some more information about what a data center migration entails. In order to help get you on the right track, we recommend downloading the below, complimentary resources so that you have clear steps on what the migration process entails. These resources will also help you learn all the benefits of not just colocation, but also what a data center provider can offer you so that you’re setup for success when the time comes for you to migrate to a data center.

(Below are all the resources you’ll receive)