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Drive Innovation With Colocation

As more and more businesses embrace cloud computing and turn to managed service providers to meet their ever-changing needs, organizations that fail to adapt to disruption run the risk of falling behind the competition. Making a substantial investment in on-prem infrastructure can lock you into a CapEx cycle that not only restricts your future flexibility, but also leaves you spending as much time managing infrastructure as you do developing the innovative solutions you need to drive your business forward.

By migrating your technology stack into a state-of-the-art colocation data center, you can shift your IT spend from CapEx to OpEx and free up the valuable resources you need to scale your operations and unleash exciting new services that empower your customers. And when it’s time to build on that success and grow your capabilities to meet a new wave of demand, you’ll already be situated in an ideal network environment to capitalize on opportunity.

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See how vXchnge’s infrastructure, security controls, and transparent data center services have become a trusted partner for managing Avtex’s IT operations.

Your Services Deserve Perfection

Whether you’re delivering or managing services for your customers, your network needs to be as perfect as possible. Even a few moments of downtime can cost you in terms of revenue and opportunity. That’s why your SaaS/PaaS/IaaS and MSP systems need to be built upon a rock-solid infrastructure with the right redundancies and risk mitigation practices in place to keep your services up and running and your valuable data secure.

At vXchnge, we believe your cloud provider and managed IT services deserve nothing less than perfection. Our data centers are designed with that in mind, providing fully redundant infrastructure and total transparency into your hardware deployment. With colocation facilities located in key growth markets throughout the US and a robust selection of connectivity options, we can help you get closer to your customers and make it easier than ever for them to connect to your innovative services.

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vXchnge’s Data Center Cloud and IT Solutions

Reliability is everything when it comes to cloud-based applications, which is why SaaS/PaaS/IaaS cloud providers need an IT infrastructure that delivers unmatched uptime and keeps their valuable data secure. That’s why every vXchnge facility is engineered for perfection and backed up by a 100% uptime SLA. As your cloud computing colocation provider, we keep your lifeline services up and running so you can stay focused on driving innovation.


Carrier-Neutral Connectivity

Access a direct on-ramp to your preferred cloud computing services provider or build customized hybrid IT environments using our ever-expanding list of connectivity partners to implement your cloud-based applications and managed service offerings.


Get Closer to the Edge

Our data centers are strategically positioned in key growth markets to empower lightning-fast edge computing that minimizes latency and keeps you close to your end-users.


Risk Mitigation Services

Our data center redundancies and industry-leading uptime reliability provide the best possible infrastructure for your business continuity plan. From DDoS protection with vX\defend to disaster recovery services, we deliver the foundation you need to protect your cloud and managed IT business from risk.


Compliant Colocation

We take compliance seriously. Every one of our data centers is subjected to rigorous auditing to ensure our security controls meet the strict requirements of data privacy laws and industry standards, including SSAE 18 and ISO/IEC 27001.


in\site Intelligent Monitoring

Control every aspect of your colocation deployment with vXchnge’s award-winning in\site intelligent monitoring platform. Get real-time notifications on power consumption and bandwidth utilization, issue and manage support tickets, and manage your cloud data center access from anywhere at no additional cost.

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