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The Future of Digital Media is Here

Streaming content. Augmented and virtual reality. 5G functionality. Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The disruptive technologies reshaping the digital media and entertainment industry are already changing the expectations of consumers and redefining the way they consume media on a regular basis. More than ever before, people want their digital content and services–and they expect to have them on-demand. Anything less and they’ll move on to the nearest competitor. And once they’re gone, they’re unlikely to return.

Today’s successful digital business must adapt to this competitive market by striving for high-performance in every aspect of its services. That means building low-latency networks capable of delivering the content customers want with minimal obstacles or delays. It means collecting and managing advanced digital data in ways that allow them to extract meaningful business insights using powerful analytics tools. And it means having a robust, reliable infrastructure in place that’s capable of scaling the media cloud with demand.

Find out why vXchnge’s commitment to transparency, security, and customer support made all the difference when the time came for ICF Next to select a colo provider capable of meeting the security controls and certification requirements expected by their clients.

Take Your Content to the Digital Edge

When it comes to delivering advanced digital data, most people want to talk about the role of bandwidth. At a certain point, however, even high bandwidth connections run into the limitation imposed by the laws of physics. Data can only travel so fast, and the farther it has to go, the longer that journey will take. Waiting a few extra milliseconds for that data to arrive might not matter when someone is sending a file, but high-latency connections can cause streaming media to sputter and stop, rendering the content all but useless for consumers.

With edge data center locations across the US, vXchnge colocation services can help your digital service provider get its content closer to your target customers. By caching popular content in a digital edge data center located near the end-user, you can deliver uninterrupted, low-latency services that help ensure your customers will keep turning to you for their media content. Expanding your regional data center footprint with colocation services also allows you to establish redundancies to help ensure that your digital services are always available when your customers need them.

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vXchnge’s Data Center Digital Media Solutions

Your customers aren’t adjusting the antenna on their televisions to pick up your signal anymore. They’re connecting over high-speed wireless connections and expect to access your services instantly. Delivering state-of-the-art digital media content requires a state-of-the-art digital media data center. That’s why every vXchnge facility is engineered for perfection and backed up by a 100% uptime SLA. As your digital media colocation provider, we help your organization reduce latency and build network redundancies to deliver “always-on” services.


Carrier-Neutral Connectivity

Access a direct on-ramp to the digital media cloud or build customized hybrid IT environments using our ever-expanding list of connectivity partners to help you meet your digital business application and cloud media requirements.


Get Closer to the Edge

Our data centers are strategically positioned in key growth markets to empower lightning-fast edge computing that minimizes latency and expands the reach of your digital business content.


Risk Mitigation Services

Our data center redundancies and industry-leading uptime reliability provide the best possible infrastructure for your business continuity plan. From DDoS protection with vX\defend to disaster recovery services, we deliver the foundation you need to protect your digital business from risk.


Compliant Colocation

We take compliance seriously. Every one of our data centers is subjected to rigorous auditing to ensure our security controls meet the strict requirements of data privacy laws and industry standards.


in\site Intelligent Monitoring

Control every aspect of your colocation deployment with vXchnge’s award-winning in\site intelligent monitoring platform. Get real-time notifications on power consumption and bandwidth utilization, issue and manage support tickets, and manage your digital media data center access from anywhere at no additional cost.

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