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Today’s financial markets move at an unprecedented pace. In an industry where investments are being managed by sophisticated algorithms and customers want to access their finances from anywhere at any time, your financial services organization can’t afford to get by with aging IT infrastructure or subpar colocation providers. A few moments of latency could cost you an opportunity and repeated downtime events will cause your customers to lose faith in your brand.

By migrating your data and hardware into a true financial services data center, you can deploy low-latency edge computing networks that keep you a step ahead of your competitors and deliver the services your customers want when they want them. With financial data centers positioned in key growth markets across the US, vXchnge’s colocation network gets you closer to your customers and allows you to back up your mission-critical applications for unmatched uptime.

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Where Convenience Meets Security

For many years, financial services companies managed their data and applications on-premises, but the rising costs of building and maintaining a private facility have pushed many of them to seek other solutions. While cloud computing in financial services has benefited consumers immensely, companies are understandably hesitant to migrate sensitive financial data to the public cloud.

By working with a colocation provider to gain a secure on-ramp to the cloud or build a customized hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment within a financial services data center, they no longer have to choose between convenience and security. The connectivity options offered through a carrier-neutral colocation provider allow financial companies to retain full control and visibility into their IT infrastructure while also leveraging the scalable power of the world’s leading cloud computing services. Whether they’re managing big data workloads or processing electronic payments, financial services colocation customers can build a customized network that meets their unique business needs within a fully secure and compliant data center environment.

See why FIS had to find a colo provider capable of meeting the security controls and certification requirements expected by their clients. Eric Carlington, FIS's System Manager and CTO of Outsourcing Solutions, describes why vXchnge has been a "god send" to their company.

vXchnge’s Financial Services Data Center Solutions

The modern financial data center doesn’t bear much resemblance to the bank data centers of the past. In addition to storing financial data, your facility needs to empower your business to deliver the services your customers expect. That’s why every vXchnge facility is engineered for perfection and backed up by a 100% uptime SLA. As your financial services colocation provider, we help your organization reduce IT costs and free up valuable time so you can focus on delivering innovative new financial products to your customers.


Carrier-Neutral Connectivity

Access a direct on-ramp to the cloud or build customized hybrid IT environments using our ever-expanding list of connectivity partners to help you meet your application and financial services data center requirements.


Get Closer to the Edge

Our data centers are strategically positioned in key growth markets to empower lightning-fast edge computing that minimize latency and expand the reach of your IoT network.


Risk Mitigation Services

Our data center redundancies and industry-leading uptime reliability provide the best possible infrastructure for your business continuity plan. From DDoS protection with vX\defend to disaster recovery services, we deliver the foundation you need to protect your organization from risk.


PCI DSS 3.2 Compliant Colocation

We take compliance seriously. Every one of our data centers is subjected to rigorous auditing to ensure our security controls meet the strict requirements of the credit card industry’s PCI DSS 3.2 standards.


in\site Intelligent Monitoring

Control every aspect of your colocation deployment with vXchnge’s award-winning in\site intelligent monitoring platform. Get real-time notifications on power consumption and bandwidth utilization, issue and manage support tickets, and manage your financial services data center access from anywhere at no additional cost.

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