API Credentials

In order to connect to the in\site system, so that you can begin making API calls, you must first create a unique set of credentials under the User Management area of in\site.

How to create in\site API credentials:

  1. Login to in\site with an account that has the Master Admin role or User Manager access.
  2. Open the User Management area.
  3. Click New User in the upper right.
  4. Enter a first name and last name for the account, such as in\site API, or something similar to help easily identify the account that will be used to make API calls.
  5. Enter a unique email address to use for the account.
  6. Enter any phone number into one of the phone number fields.
  7. Enable the User allowed to perform access via API option near the bottom.
  8. Next, enable the in\site Access option and disable the Send welcome email option if it is available.
  9. Enter a password that you would like to use with the API account and then re-enter it into the Confirm Password field.
  10. Specify the areas of in\site to which you want to grant the account access. To grant access to all areas, enable the 'Modify' radio buttons for everything listed under the Authorizations section and then enable all check boxes under the Access section.
  11. Click Submit to create the account.

You are now ready to begin using this email address and password to Login to the in\site system to run API calls.