The in\site API is a programming interface that gives you direct access to the business intelligence information available through in\site from your own internal I.T. platform. This allows you to grow your brand without requiring users to learn a new system.

By leveraging the power of the API, you can directly access information from any of the following areas of in\site from your own systems:

  • Tickets
    • Create new Support and Shipping Tickets
    • View one or more existing tickets
    • Update existing tickets
  • Transactions
    • View summary information related to sales orders, service orders, and invoices
  • Data Center Access Log
    • See who entered the facility and when
  • in\site Access Log
    • See who is accessing in\site and when
  • Power Usage
    • View current power utilization for all of your cabinets or power circuits
    • View up to 100 days of past usage history for any of your cabinets or power circuits
  • Bandwidth Usage
    • View current bandwidth usage for all of your vXchnge provided bandwidth services
    • View up to 100 days of past bandwidth usage history
  • Bandwidth and Power Threshold Notifications
    • View threshold overage notifications for your vXchnge bandwidth services or power circuits
  • Data Center Inventory
    • See your collocation inventory (cabinets, power circuits, cross connects, and vXchnge provided bandwidth services)
    • Update existing items with your own custom name (customer tag)
  • Asset Compliance
    • View the list of rack mounted I.T. assets, their makes and models, their positions within the cabinets, and their status
  • User Management
    • Access your company's user list, including all users' authorizations
Before using the API, you must first create a set of credentials to use.