Transaction Information


name type required description example
number string read-only Transaction Number SVC1234
location string read-only Data Center CA01 - Santa Clara
id integer(int32) read-only Internal id of the transaction 299332
type string read-only Transaction Type Service Order
status string read-only Transaction Status In Progress
created string(date-time) read-only Created date/time in UTC 1/31/2019
companyName string read-only Company Name Nakatomi Trading Co
total number read-only Transaction Total 337.35
poCheckNumber string read-only Transaction Purchase Order/Check Number 4502973884
orderDate string read-only Order date/time in UTC 1/31/2019 1:30 PM
svcOrderCompleted string read-only Service Order Completed date/time in UTC 2/24/2019 12:30 AM
svcOrderExpectedCompletion string read-only Service Order Expected Completion date/time in UTC 2/23/2019 2:45 PM