User Information


name type required description example
id integer(int32) read-only internal id of the user 12345
createDate string (date-time) read-only Create date/time in UTC 10/21/2016 2:39 pm
lastModifiedDate string (date-time) read-only Last Modified date/time in UTC 10/21/2016 2:39 pm
lastLogonDate string (date-time) read-only Last Logon date/time in UTC 10/21/2016 2:39 pm
name string read-only Name John Doe
title string read-only Title Mr
mobilePhone string read-only Mobile Phone 123-456-7890
email string read-only Email
altEmail string read-only Alternative Email
role string read-only Role admin
shipping string read-only Shipping Tickets none
support string read-only Support Tickets view
orders string read-only Order Transactions modify
billing string read-only Billing Transactions view
assetCompliance string read-only Asset Compliance modify
onlineAccess boolean read-only in\site Access true
complianceReports boolean read-only Compliance Reports true
accessLog boolean read-only DC Access Log true
platformAuditLog boolean read-only in\site Access Log false
bandwidthGraph boolean read-only Bandwidth Grpah true
powerGraph boolean read-only Power Graph false
datacenterFloorplan boolean read-only Data Center Floorplan true
createPublicGridViews boolean read-only Create Public Grid Views false
activityNotification boolean read-only Activity Notification true
smsNotifications boolean read-only SMS Notifications true
datacenters string read-only Data Centers CA01 - Santa Clara
onsiteAccessEnabled boolean read-only Data Center Access Enabled true
onsiteAccessEnableDate string read-only Data Center Access Enable Date 4/5/2017
onsiteAccessExpirationDate string read-only Data Center Access Expiration Date 4/21/2017
lastDatacenterAccessDate string read-only Last Data Center Access Date 4/15/2017
userAdmin boolean read-only Can Manage User Accounts true