Manage Your Data Center at Your Fingertips

vXchnge’s in\site is an award-winning business intelligence platform that gives you the power to have full visibility of your deployments across all vXchnge data centers. in\site Mobile enables you to easily contact on-site vXchnge technicians for immediate support. You can instantly check and monitor your assets with color-coded statuses to ensure you have full visibility into your infrastructure. This app also provides additional analytics to keep your business up anytime, anywhere with real-time information.


With IN\SITE Mobile, Users Can:

  • Monitor power utilization by cabinet and power circuit
  • Monitor bandwidth utilization
  • Manage and submit tickets with 24x7x365 support
  • Monitor and track your entire deployment: cabinets, rack mounted assets, power circuits, vX provided bandwidth services, and cross connects
  • Remotely manage and monitor data center access
  • Receive maintenance and advisory notifications

Use of IN\SITE Mobile is Easy

in\site Mobile simply requires users to be vXchnge customers to obtain in\site access

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Manage Your Data Center
at Your Fingertips with our IN\SITE App

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