To view the list of cabinets associated with your account, tap the Cabinets button. In sites where branch circuit monitoring is available, all cabinets with associated power circuits will include a colored icon to indicate current power utilization. Additionally, buttons are available to view each cabinet’s in-rack assets, power utilization history, and to create support tickets.

Color-Coded Power Utilization

Cabinets with a green power icon indicate that all individual and primary/redundant paired power circuits within the cabinet are utilizing less than 60% of their rated capacities.

Cabinets with a yellow icon indicate that at least one individual or paired power circuit within the cabinet is using between 60% and 80% of its capacity.

Cabinets with an orange icon provide an indication that one of the circuits.


Colored power usage


To investigate further, tap the colored power icon to view the list of power circuits within the cabinet. You can then view all circuits’ utilization and see past usage history.

In-Rack Assets

To view the devices mounted within the cabinet, two choice are available. To see a visual representation of the cabinet and the assets mounted within it, tap the main cabinet identifier at the top.

InRack Assets


Cabient View


From the cabinet view, you can scroll up and down to locate a specific asset and then “long-press” to load the asset’s details. This makes it very easy to locate a specific asset for which you’d like to create a support ticket.

Alternatively, you may view the list of all devices associated with the cabinet by tapping the computer icon.


InRack Assets Icon


Permissions for In-Rack Assets

Only users with View Only or Modify permissions for Asset Compliance can see the in-rack assets area. This authorization is managed through the in\site Web interface.

Cabinet Power Usage History

To view current and past power utilization history for the cabinet, tap the chart icon.


Cabinet Power Usage History


By default, the Power Usage chart loads with the past days’ worth of cabinet power history. You may also view usage by week or month if needed, and you can view previous days, weeks, or months of usage by using the arrow buttons above the chart.

Cabinet Power Usage Chart


To view the power usage history for any of the power circuits within the cabinet, select the circuits from the Cabinet Total drop down list.

Permissions for Cabinet Power Usage

Only users with access to the Power Usage features of in\site can view cabinet and power circuit utilization. These authorizations are managed through the in\site Web interface.

Cabinet Support Tickets

To quickly create a new support ticket for a specific cabinet, tap the ticket icon.

Cabinet Ticket Icon


A new ticket form will appear with the cabinet identifier included, making it easy for Operations to locate the cabinet in which assistance is needed.

Permissions for Cabinet Support Tickets

Only users with Modify permissions for Support Tickets can create new support tickets in Mobile. These authorizations are managed through the in\site Web interface.