Support Tickets

Use the Support Tickets area to quickly create new support and site access tickets, or to view the current status and make updates to existing support tickets.


Only users with View Only or Modify permissions to Support Tickets will see this area, and only users with Modify permissions can create new tickets. Authorizations are managed through the in\site Web interface.

How to create new support tickets

  • To create a new support ticket, first tap on the New button.
  • If you would like to associate the ticket with an internal identifier from your own system, enter the number into the Internal ID field.
  • If you have products and services in more than one vXchnge data center, select the facility from the Data Center field.
  • If someone other than yourself should be assigned to the ticket, select them from the Contact field.
  • Under the Support Type field, select one of the following values depending on the type of support needed (Site Access, Standard Support, or Service Trouble):

Site Access

This is used to submit a ticket granting temporary data center access to one or more people. This can be used to grant access to an employee, or an individual not directly associated with your company, such as a hardware vendor.

Standard Support

Use this Support Type if you have questions or to request assistance for matters that are not critical in nature.

Service Trouble

This Support Type should only be used if you are experiencing problems related to your services that must be resolved immediately.

  • If you selected the Standard Support or Service Trouble Support Type values, select one of the options from the Service Type field to identify the type of assistance needed.
  • If you selected the Site Access Support Type, specify the date range and times when the access to the data center will be valid, and then enter the names of all individuals who will be authorized to enter the facility on your behalf.
  • Enter a subject for the request.
  • Add comments as needed to help us better serve your request.
  • Once complete, tap Save.
How to view existing support tickets

To view ALL existing Support tickets created in the last 90 days, simply tap on the main Support Tickets button.

To only view open Support tickets created in the last 90 days, tap on the Open (xx) button.

How to update or add comments to an existing support ticket

  • To update an existing support ticket or add new comments, first tap on Support Tickets and then tap the ticket number to open it.
    HINT: If you are having trouble locating an existing ticket, you can use the Search field at the top to enter keywords that may help you locate it. You can search for support tickets based on the Internal ID, Ticket Number, or Subject.
  • Tap the Edit button.
  • Make any necessary changes or add a comment at the bottom of the ticket and then tap Save.