User Access

Tap User Access to view the list of all users associated with your company, along with their contact information. From this area, you can also change data center access authorizations and quickly contact them if needed.


Only users with User Manager access will see this area. Authorizations are managed through the in\site Web interface.

How to change data center access authorizations

1. To quickly grant or remove access to the data center, first tap on User Access.
2. Next, locate the individual for whom access must be changed and then tap the small shield icon corresponding to their name.

Data Center Access

3. On the user’s Data Center Access page, tap the shield at the top or toggle the Data Center Access option to grant or deny the user from accessing the data center.
4. If the user is granted access to the data center, you may optionally enter a date range for which the user’s access will be valid.
5. Prior to saving, make sure at least one data center is enabled and then tap Save.

Data Center Access Detail


How to call or email existing users in in\site

  1. To quickly call or email any user who is associated with your company account, first tap on User Access.
  2. Next, tap the phone or mail icon corresponding to their name in the list.
  3. If you’d like to make a call, select the number to use. This will automatically open the phone app with the user’s phone number entered.
  4. If you are emailing the user, tapping the mail icon will automatically open the default mail app, and the user’s email address will be pre-populated for you.

How to view user details

To view the user’s name, job title, email address, and phone number(s), simply tap the user’s name from the Users list.