Saved Views

After customizing a grid view to show the information you need, rather than recreating the same view later you can save it for quicker access. You can even schedule the automatic export and email delivery of the view as an Excel file.

Adding Saved Views

After configuring the view to suit your needs, click the Add View button to the right of the Select View... field.


Next, enter a name for the view, and then click OK. If you'd like the view to be visible to all users in your company, make sure the Public View option is enabled.

NOTE: Public views can only be updated and deleted by users with access to create them.

Add New View


Updating and Deleting Saved Views

To update or delete an existing view, first select the view, and then click the Update View or Delete View buttons, respectively.


Scheduling Saved View Exports

Scheduled Export of Views

If there are views you access frequently, consider scheduling them for automatic export and delivery. For example, you may want a report to be delivered automatically showing you all tickets created for the previous month that involved Remote Hands charges. Or perhaps you’d like to receive a daily report of your users’ activities as reported in the Data Center Access Log. To schedule the export, first create a view of the data you would like to see. Then click the Schedule View Export button and specify the frequency and number of times you would like to have the view sent to you.

On the schedule and interval you choose, an export of the view in Excel format will be sent to the email address associated with your in\site account.