The Tickets area allows you to view and submit support and shipping tickets. The progress and status of the tickets can be easily tracked, and you can quickly find and report on the data that you need using powerful grid view features and search capabilities. You also have the option of scheduling the creation of support tickets for recurring tasks, such as tape rotations or server power cycling, eliminating the need to regularly login to the system to create the tickets manually.


  • Customizable and flexible grid view
    • A grid view exists that allows you to filter, sort, group, search, and export tickets any way you like.
    • After filtering the records to locate the information you are most interested in, the view can be saved or created as a new Dashboard tile for quick access to the same information later.
  • Support tickets
    • Submit a ticket to report a problem with service, schedule assistance, and grant temporary site access. Attach files to the ticket when needed to better assist in the resolution of your issue. Required fields include:
      • Company Contact: The person making the request or the person who should be the main point of contact (can be chosen from a list)
      • Data Center: The facility that the ticket applies to
      • Support Type:
        • Site Access
          • This is used to submit a ticket granting temporary data center access to one or more people. This can be used to grant access to an employee, or an individual not directly associated with your company, such as a hardware vendor.
        • Standard Support
          • Use this Support Type if you have questions or to request assistance for matters that are not critical in nature.
        • Service Trouble
          • This Support Type should only be used if you are experiencing problems related to your colocation and/or network services that must be resolved immediately.
        • Other fields (dependent on the selected Support Type):
          • Standard Support and Service Trouble:
            • Service Type – The type of service associated with the support request.
          • Site Access:
            • Access Start Date
            • Start Time
            • Access End Date
            • End Time
            • Authorized Names
          • Subject: Summary of the problem or request
        • Shipping tickets
          • These tickets are created when expecting a delivery at any one of your data centers or when equipment is being shipped from one of your data centers. Available fields depend on whether the shipment is categorized as Inbound or Outbound:
            • Inbound
              • Courier
              • Tracking Number
              • Recipient
              • Expected Delivery Date
            • Outbound
              • Courier
              • Tracking Number
              • Recipient
              • Shipping Account Number
              • Requested Ship Date

Scheduling Support Tickets

To create a support ticket that will be submitted automatically on a schedule that you define, please take the following steps:

  1. Open the TICKETS area.
  2. Click Scheduled Tickets.
  3. Click New Schedule.
  4. Select the Company Contact who you would like to be associated with the tickets.
  5. Select the Data Center.
  6. Select the applicable Service Type.
  7. Enter a subject and comments related to the request.
  8. Select the frequency in which you would like the tickets to be created.
  9. Change the start date if needed.
  10. Select the time of day that the ticket should be created.
  11. Click Submit.

Your schedule will now appear in the list. If needed, you may disable or delete a schedule at any time. To view the history of tickets created by your schedules, click the Ticket History button.