The TRANSACTIONS area allows those with permissions to view invoices, sales orders, and service orders. Open invoices can also be paid online.


  • Customizable and flexible grid view
    • Like the TICKETS module, the grid view allows you to filter, sort, group, search, and export any set of available records, and create custom Dashboard tiles to your specifications.
  • View service orders
    • Easily track the status of your orders along with the expected completion date.
  • Download and print
    • Sales orders, service orders, and invoices can be downloaded or printed.
  • Pay Invoices
    • One or more open invoices can be paid online through a secure payment portal.
    • Pay invoices via ACH or credit card.
    • Auto Pay - If you would like to setup Auto Pay, make changes to your Auto Pay settings, or would like to disable Auto Pay, please contact our Finance department at 201-453-5246 or by sending an email to

To pay one or more open invoices in full through in\site, please take the steps below:

NOTE: To make a partial payment, click the small Pay button next to the specific invoice in the grid view instead of using the Pay Invoices button at the top. This will allow you to change the amount to pay at the top.

  1. Click the Pay Invoices button to show the list of any open invoices with an outstanding balance.
  2. Select the invoice(s) you would like to pay and then click Continue.
  3. Verify the invoice number(s) and amount(s) then click Continue.
  4. Select either Card or ACH. The remaining steps will depend on the selected method:


NOTE: When paying invoices with a credit card, the payment service provider charges an industry low service fee. To view the fee associated with using a credit card, click the down arrow under the total amount that appears.

  1. Enter the name as it appears on the credit card.
  2. Enter the credit card number, expiration date, 3 digit security code from the back of the card and then click Enter Billing Information.
  3. Verify the billing address and then click the Pay button at the bottom.


  1. Enter the name on the bank account.
  2. Choose whether the account is associated with an individual or company.
  3. Enter the bank's routing number.
  4. Enter the account number, re-enter the account number to confirm it, and then click Enter Billing Information.
  5. Verify the billing address and then click the Pay button at the bottom.

Once the payment has been applied to your invoice, you will receive a payment confirmation email.