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Navigation of the system is accomplished using menu items at the top.

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Each area and associated functionality is explained below:


The DASHBOARD appears immediately after login. This page is designed to give you a central location from which you can quickly access the information that is most important to you.


The Dashboard page includes the following areas:

  • Announcements and Events
    • This allows you to stay informed of product updates and see activities scheduled to take place within the data center, so you can plan your own maintenance activities accordingly.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tiles
      • By default, five tiles are presented (depending on access levels), which provide easy to read metrics and statuses of open tickets, invoices, sales orders, and Remote Hands usage.
      • Clicking the tiles takes you directly to the applicable area of in\site, so you can view the records in greater detail.
      • The tiles can be re-positioned on the Dashboard by dragging and dropping them to a new location and they can be removed if desired.
      • To restore any of the default tiles, right-click any existing tile, point to ‘Add Default’, and then select the tile that you would like to add. 
      • New tiles can also be created from almost any grid view. See the Grid Views page for more information.
  • Network Bandwidth Usage
    • This allows you to see the network bandwidth being used by any of your IP services over the last 30 days.
    • Clicking More… allows you to access a fully customizable chart that can be filtered by date and then printed or downloaded as image files or spreadsheets. The page also allows you to setup notifications to inform you if your bandwidth usage exceeds a set threshold related to your IP service’s commit rate.
  • Order Cross-Connects 
    • This allows you to place orders for cross connects, which are sent directly to the site for installation.
    • Order carrier cross connects to all service providers located in the data center.
    • Order cab-to-cab (intra-cabinet) cross connects between two of your cabinets.