in\site Platform Makes Doing Business Easier

The vXchnge in\site platform is our foundation for providing ‘Datacenter-as-a-Service’ to help you make smarter decisions about your standalone, multi-site, or Edge micro data centers.

Here’s a video on how in\site makes doing business easier from wherever you are.


Download in\site Datasheet

The in\site platform is vXchnge’s online interface to your smarter micro-data center, giving you the ability to:

  • Track IT asset locations and status in real-time with RFID
  • View your power and network bandwidth usage over any length of time
  • Create notifications with custom thresholds for power and network bandwidth usage to keep you informed
  • Generate security access logs showing who entered the facility and when
  • Submit and track support tickets
  • Manage user access to your data center and also to in\site
  • Stay informed of scheduled maintenance activities, advisories, and other events relevant to your data center
  • Pay your invoices online
  • Download the latest Compliance and Security reports relevant to your business

For information on updates to the in\site platform, contact us today for an in-depth look or demo