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When Public Cloud Is Not Enough

Explore How To Take a Smart Approach To A Multi-Cloud Data Center Architecture And Launch Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Read our ebook to learn why a multi-cloud data center architecture is an emerging solution to this growing IT dilemma. You’ll also get a model for launching a multi-cloud strategy.

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Many businesses chase the prospect of cost savings and improved scalability into the public cloud. Unfortunately (and increasingly), limitations and incompatibilities are leading them right back out again, taxing budgets and saddling IT staff with unnecessary work.

So, if the public cloud isn’t enough and you can’t just “lift and shift” back to an on-premises environment, what are your options?

Check out the ebook if you're:

Concerned about common limitations of the public cloud
Curious why high-profile companies are migrating away from the public cloud
Looking for ways to make your IT environment more flexible and cost-efficient
Wanting best practices for approaching a multi-cloud deployment
Interested in learning why colocation data centers are key to a multi-cloud architecture






Why Choose VXCHNGE?

As the first 100% ISO 27001 edge provider, our resilient data center infrastructure delivers unmatched edge computing through the following:

  • Carrier-neutral fog computing
  • 14 next-gen data centers located throughout the U.S.
  • Secure customer portal for on-demand asset management
  • Highly-customizable infrastructure to meet any business objective