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Partnering with vXchnge Sales can mean a variety of roles for you. From freelance individuals to fully managed service providers, we work with you to enable our services for your customers. Generally, you work in the data or IT industry, and you know what you want when you come to us. Maybe you are just looking to make a connection, or maybe you need a seamless partner working behind the scenes.

We like working with everyone we can, but there are a few categories where we tend to categorize partners. Individuals who have a knowledge of the field and market can be enormously useful to advancing the connections that make businesses run. Resellers of enterprise services can be in a perfect position to provide their customers and vXchnge with the right connections. Managed service providers tend to appreciate the seamless background functionality that we provide.

Your program options for partnership are largely determined by the type of business that you do and what you bring to the table. How we compensate you for your time and efforts is driven by the role you play.

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At this level, you refer a qualified prospect to us, and our sales organization takes over from there. The customer relationship would be managed by vXchnge, and you would be generously compensated for referring the deal.

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The Benefits of our Referral Program Include:

  • vXchnge experienced and proven sales team works opportunity
  • You chose to stay involved or just let vXchnge run with it
  • Comprehensive Partner Portal platform
  • Exceptional industry leading one-time commission payment


The Sales Agent Program is open to companies that package or resell enterprise services and wish to deliver a solution with vXchnge services to their customer through managed service agreement covering service over a period of time. Sometimes agents are already employed by one of our existing customers. In these instances, we would communicate with your employer and take great care to ensure that no conflicts arise between your current employment and this extension of our interest. In other cases, the Sales Agent is an independent reseller who has their own business and sells a line of services.

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  • Deal registration
  • Manage the selling relationship with your customers
  • Dedicated channel team support
  • Comprehensive partner portal platform
  • Strong working relationship with vXchnge direct sales force (Harmony)
  • Solution engineer support for technical assurance
  • Industry leading compensation program (one-time plus residual)


You are a customer already, and you have decided to offer data center services as a part of a turn-key solution to your direct customers. You own the customer relationship, and we act as a seamless partner behind the scenes bundled with your services. One example is a global service provider, who sells colocation services as a part of their enterprise network service offering.

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