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So What Does Uptime Really Mean?

Data center SLA uptime indicates the amount of time a server remains up and running, usually over the course of a year. Uptime is expressed as a percentage. So if a facility’s SLA claims to provide 99% uptime, then customers can expect its servers to be down 1% of the time, or 3.65 days over the course of a year.

When your servers go down, your business can suffer in terms of lost productivity, reduced revenue, missed opportunities, and damaged reputation. You’ve worked hard to build your business; don’t take chances with a data center that can’t deliver the highest levels of uptime.

Nines Monthly Downtime
99% Two nines equal 7 hours and 12 minutes
99.9% Three nines equal 43 minutes and 12 seconds
99.99% Four nines equal 4 minutes 19 seconds
99.999% Five nines equal 26 seconds
99.9999% Six nines equal 3 seconds
99.99999% Seven nines equal 0.263 seconds

Causes For Downtime

Servers can go down for a lot of reasons, but downtime can usually be traced back to a handful of causes:

Equipment Failure

Hardware failures, which can range from cooling system malfunctions to faulty UPS battery systems, are one of the leading causes of downtime. Facilities with high uptime routinely perform tests to ensure equipment is in peak condition and maintain extensive hardware redundancies to protect against possible failures.

Human Error

Whether through mistake or oversight, human error remains among the leading causes of downtime. Routine drills, continuing education, and strict accountability policies can help data center personnel deliver superior uptime, especially when combined with business intelligence platforms (like vXchnge’s award-winning in\site) that give customers direct oversight of their critical assets.

Software Failure

Out of date operating systems or unpatched applications can take down an entire network under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Extensive diagnostics and routine updates are vital to delivering high levels of uptime.


From viruses and ransomware to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, hackers are always looking to exploit vulnerabilities in order to steal data or shut down systems. Blended ISP solutions with DDoS protection (like vXchnge’s vX\defend) can mitigate the threat of cyberattacks to keep uptime consistently high.

Natural Disasters 

When disaster strikes, good data centers are ready. Extensive redundancies and data protection help them prepare to maintain uptime no matter what Mother Nature throws their way.




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