At vXchnge, Protection is Proactive.

All data center providers maintain their own list of best practices, but at vXchnge, we believe a proactive platform is essential for monitoring your infrastructure and maintaining business continuity. Our smart system regularly checks the status of your power, cooling, network performance, and security. If any of these environments change their operating mode or action is needed, an alert is sent to operators. Proactive monitoring ensures that our operators have 100 percent visibility and prevents downtime.

A sample of our practices

The preventative maintenance measures and procedures our data center facility management team undertakes to protect your brand and safeguard your mission-critical applications include the following:

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Load Transfer Testing


Full-Load Generator Testing


Fuel Sampling and Fuel Polishing


Short Circuit Coordination Study


Circuit and Infrastructure Thermal Imaging


Data Center Integrated Systems Testing


Above & Underfloor Cleaning


vXchnge White Glove Test

Common Sense Threat Protection.

Besides the physical facility and equipment, we engage in logical security to ensure that user access and controls are dialed in. This protects your applications against those trying to sneak into your environments. Some network threats, like volumetric DDoS/DNS attacks, can happen and damage your brand with potential outages. vX\defend is tailor-made for fighting DDoS and similar types of cyber-attacks.


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We Keep the Doors Locked

Another way we protect your data is through physical security. Our data centers have 7 points of security interfaces protecting your equipment to ensure that unauthorized users never gain access. Interfaces range from “2-Point” Bio authentication locked doors to 24-hour closed-circuit video monitoring. We’d love to tell you all the ways we secure your data, but then we’d have to change them.

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