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Our data center services offer access to many of the world’s leading cloud service providers. With vXchnge’s carrier-neutral marketplace, you get a direct on-ramp to the cloud computing platforms your business relies upon to serve your customers. Whether you’re building hybrid cloud connectivity via cross-connect cables or leveraging a software defined network (SDN) like Megaport to access a low-latency multi-cloud architecture, our solutions architects can facilitate the cloud solutions that meet your specific needs.

vXchnge Connectivity Features

  • Go Beyond Colocation

  • Cloud On-Ramp

  • Hybrid IT: The Best of Both Worlds

  • Say Goodbye to Latency

Go Beyond Colocation

Our colocation solutions go beyond space, power, and cooling. Data center connectivity allows you to build dynamic, high-performance networks with direct on-ramps to the cloud to better serve your customers and scale your business to meet growing demand. The right connectivity service also helps ensure high-availability and improves your risk mitigation plan. With direct and virtual connections, you can create a point-to-point link between your servers and your preferred service provider’s hardware, eliminating the need for local loops and costly dark fiber trenching. By bypassing the noise and traffic of the public internet, you get a secure and reliable low-latency connection that enhances your network performance.

Whether you need to get to the cloud faster, establish interconnections to backup data centers, or build a dynamic hybrid IT environment to multiple providers, vXchnge’s extensive connectivity options provide everything you need to scale up infrastructure and support new business growth or services with an on-demand connectivity model that empowers your innovative digital services.

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Cloud On-Ramp

Our data center services offer access to many of the world’s leading cloud service providers. With vXchnge’s colocation cloud exchange, you get a direct on-ramp to the cloud computing platforms your business relies upon to serve your customers. Cloud on-ramps bypass the public internet to link your colocated servers to your preferred cloud provider’s network with easy, one-click ordering capabilities through the management portal. In addition to improved security and reduced latency, cloud on-ramps also offer superior reliability, which helps your IT systems deliver better uptime performance for your customers. Thanks to vXchnge’s carrier-neutral connectivity marketplace, you can choose and connect to the services you need without the risk of vendor lock-in or unnecessary costs so you can scale your business at your pace.

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Hybrid IT: The Best of Both Worlds

When one cloud isn’t enough for your business, vXchnge enables you to leverage the cloud in the way that performs best for you. From high-performance options such as Dedicated Interconnect and Partner Interconnect, to cloud-based VPN for lower volume needs, and even peering options, we have a solution for connecting your infrastructure to the cloud that fits with your needs. vXchnge connectivity options allow you to  to enhance your colocation hosting by selecting which network, internet service, and cloud providers you want to utilize as part of your hybrid IT platform solution. Incorporating the high levels of control and security associated with private cloud networks and the expansive power of public cloud platforms, hybrid IT deployments are becoming the new normal for data center connectivity. Thanks to our partnership with software-defined network (SDN) services like Megaport (available in select data center locations), you can aggregate your multi-cloud capabilities and manage them through one easy-to-use portal.

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Say Goodbye to Latency

Speed matters when it comes to your network’s performance. Don’t risk losing customers due to lagging, high-latency connections. Colocation services with vXchnge provide you with all the connectivity tools you need to build a dynamic IT network that meets your unique performance requirements. Whether you’re making physical, point-to-point connections over a cross-connect cable or bypassing the public internet entirely with a direct on-ramp to the cloud, our carrier-neutral connectivity environment helps you to combat the effects of latency to deliver lightning-fast performance for your customers.

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