We’re Going Green. Are You Coming Along?

Sustainability is important to our customers and vXchnge. We architect, design and build our data centers with our eyes on effectiveness and efficiency. This practice minimizes the depletion of resources and maximizes infrastructure capacities to support your business needs. One example is the implementation of smart cooling solutions, that leverage AI and predictive analytics aiding us in maintaining a proven track record of greater than 99.99999% uptime reliability. We purchase green power where it is available and competitively priced to support green power production. Carefully attending to these elements minimizes our carbon footprint and yours.

Why Go Green?

We started our green power program to be responsible stewards of the environment. It's all part of our plan to be effective and efficient. The aim is to utilize our data center infrastructure investments and capacities to support higher densities for new deployments and to support new technology refreshes. More for less – improves your total cost of ownership / operation.

There’s a Movement Happening.

We’re proud to be among the top 30 tech and telecom companies in the EPA’s Green Power Partner Program, putting us in some esteemed company. Check out the list.

Silicon Valley Power Energy Innovator Award

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Top 30 Tech and Telecom Companies

Title 24 California Energy Commission Award

Why Does It Matter?

You may be focused on your overall carbon footprint and your company’s own sustainability goals.  If you include your colocation footprint in your sustainability objectives, it is important for us to operate efficiently to help you meet your goals in protecting the planet.  Plus, efficiencies drive down costs, which helps your business grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

How Does It Work?

We purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in deregulated markets where green power pricing is highly competitive. vXchnge has purchased 100% (Wind Power) Green E Certified RECs for our facilities in markets that both demand it and provide a regulatory environment that facilitates competitive pricing.

If sustainability is a value your company shares, let show you how you can use RECs to achieve supporting goals. Call us today at 844-VXCHNGE. Or reach us through our contact page.

What About Inside the Data Center?


Power efficiency was accomplished by upgrading our existing data centers with:

Highly efficient cooling technologies

Intelligent HVAC controls technologies

LED lighting

Lighting & Motion controls

High-efficiency UPS systems

Direct or indirect airside economizers

Our new facilities are designed for your colocation equipment with a target power usage effectiveness.  Some markets and regions have more opportunity for economization than others, but we use highly efficient equipment in all markets to make best use of the local temperature and humidity conditions to cool your colocation equipment.

Eager to learn more about our award-winning implementations and architecture with our data centers?

See our colocation infrastructure with the details.