Why Network Scalability Is Essential for Your Business


Growth is an important goal for almost any business. Consistent business growth can help companies attract new investors and talent, improve profits, and create some breathing room for emergencies—after all, losing a client/customer isn’t nearly as worrying for businesses with 10,000 accounts as they are for ones with 50 accounts.However, growth is more than just adding … Read more

Enterprise vs Edge Data Center: Which Is Right for You


Choosing a data center solution isn’t as simple as it used to be. Today’s data center industry features many different types of facilities, and the terminology surrounding them can sometimes be contradictory or confusing. As long as data centers continue to be important to business performance and success, however, companies need to take the time … Read more

Understanding Lift and Shift and If It’s Right For You

lift and shift

Organizations are increasingly making the decision to migrate their IT operations to a cloud environment. Whether the move is driven by cost considerations, flexibility, or security reasons, transferring from an on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based one can be a considerable undertaking. Not only must data be transferred, but any applications and operations currently deployed in physical servers will also … Read more

What Is Fault Tolerance and Why It Differs From High Availability


With organizations becoming more reliant than ever before on data availability, a new array of terms describing different types of redundancies have entered the IT infrastructure lexicon. In many cases, these terms don’t quite mean what they sound like or create a misleading impression about what specific circumstances they actually cover. Sometimes, similar sounding terms may be used … Read more

Data Center Design 101: Everything You Need to Know

data center

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Data Center Design! Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or a business owner looking to expand your infrastructure, this blog post aims to be your one-stop resource. We’ll delve into the intricacies of designing a data center, from the basics to the advanced, making this complex subject digestible for … Read more