Emerging Technologies And Tools That Are Changing The Way Video Editors Work

Technologically, our society is in hyperdrive. While we are still far from the world of Star Trek and warp speeds, certain domains around us change drastically at a pace that is hard to follow. If you’re even remotely into video editing you are noticing these changes daily. Don’t worry, even if you’ve skipped a few forward motions we’re here to fill you in. After reading the text below you’ll find what we see as emerging tech and tools having the power to change your life as a person in the universe of video editing.

Adobe Express Video Editor

Source: adobe.com

If you’re eager to move your video editing skills up a notch, this is where the help comes from. Adobe Express offers an amazing video editor. For one, and that is a piece of great news, it’s free. Secondly, it is online, making it quite accessible to the broader masses.

With this video editor, you can easily do so many things in the universe of video editing. Cropping, animation, snipping, and much more are all available with this tool. Its diversity and ease of use make it ideal for both professionals and those who are only entering the world of video editing. If you’re still not persuaded to try it out, the knowledge that video editing is done in three easy steps should make you at least try it out.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has long been talked about and it has been spoken into existence. Today, we have artificial intelligence applications in numerous spheres of our lives. So, it is no wonder that its usage has been high and is getting higher as we speak. Video editors are finding it quite easier to create additions to videos in spheres of color correction, face detection, and captioning with the use of AI. Soon enough, we’ll be able to fully generate video content by using AI, and that’s only scratching the surface of its possibilities in the domain of video editing.

Cloud Tech

Source: 50wheel.com

Let’s move up into the skies. Have you heard of cloud technology? Yes, you have. But, have you heard of cloud-based editing? We’re talking about a trend that is making great strides forward. Thanks to cloud-based editing, creating videos by multiple editors was never easier. Collaboration is taken to another level thanks to the accessibility cloud technology gave video editors. Thanks to it, editors now can edit, store, access, and share multiple projects with multiple people across multiple platforms, making the creation of the end product a piece of cake.

Text-Based Editing

Editing a video is not about making it and handling the initial steps. There is plenty of work left to do afterward. Some video editors often complain that there is more work tied to post-production than before. But, that could soon change with the insurgence of text-based editing. Here we’re talking about the application of AI that would allow editors to edit any video as it was this text. Just try it out. Altering your video as it was a simple doc file. With an AI-created transcription, you now can handle the navigation of your video more easily than ever.

VR and 360-degree Video

As we said in the introduction video editing is going through drastic changes and they’re best seen through the toolkits and tech that is now applicable to the overall process of editing a video. Another technology that will forever change the entire process is the forthcoming VR and 360-degree videos. They are the new shape of media that will make things quite different for video editors. For both those who work on these projects and those who are viewing them things will never be the same again.

Just as an example, with these videos, editors will have to learn and relearn how to stitch them together, stabilize, edit, and export these videos all over again. Truly a marvel of tech that will make things we took for granted in this field seen as marvels of the future to come.

Mobile Editing

Source: tomsguide.com

Today, nothing can be imagined without mobile devices. This is the situation for better or worse. If you ask us, we’ll say that it’s a good thing. The universe of editing videos is not untouched by the development of mobile devices. This is why mobile editing is slowly getting mainstream traction.

Nowadays, editors can both create and edit content through these devices. Only a few years back this wasn’t possible. If you’re adept enough you can take advantage of your mobile device not only to film a material but to thoroughly edit it. The mobile revolution is ongoing as we speak and has been for the last few years. It would be quite a miracle if the universe of video editing was left unhinged by the revolution encompassing the entire world.

Live Streaming

After a few lines down the road of this text, you probably knew that we were going to come to live streaming. Are you wondering how the hell live streaming affects video editing? Well, it does, and in so many ways. It is used for content creators to directly interact with their fan base. Video editors have a vital role in the entire process. It’s not only about putting the show on. There’s plenty to plan around, edit, produce, direct, and of course do a bit in the domain of graphics, captions, and various effects. With the high rise in the popularity of live streaming video editors have more work in this field than ever.

Interactive Videos

Source: eslbrains.com

As you can see by now, the world of videos is progressing. That progress was what brought out the marvel of interactive videos. We are talking about the videos that require the audience to be participants and engage in videos. Interactive content is rich with buttons that need to be clicked to ask questions, receive answers, and have control of the video direction and the outcome. These videos are intended to give the audience a new and completely different experience which requires some hard work in the editing process.


The world of video editing is changing and for many editors, it will never be the same. With the amount of technology solutions and tools already present and coming our way you can see why the situation is like that. All that is left for so many video editors is to adapt and overcome. The future is here and we’re better off embracing it and becoming a part of it in the process.