7 Major Trends in Smart Decking Systems

Today’s decking solutions offer innovations in both form and function for outdoor living areas. New systems provide styles, care-free maintenance options, and integrated convenience features once unimagined.

The progression has been driven by both the demands of discerning homeowners and the efforts of industry leaders pursuing continuous improvement.

Building a deck can boost the value of your home. Therefore, comfort is not the only reason to consider this option. Also, if you are looking for a team of professionals that can ensure high quality and outstanding design, check out Decks For Life.

They will also help you make the right choice, as there are different models and solutions available today. Learning more about the latest trends will also help. We will share them in the following sections.

1. Multi-Level Design

Multi-Level Deck Design

Designing a deck with multiple levels allows for truly maximizing the outdoor space. Rather than a single, large expanse, distinct areas suited for various activities can be gracefully incorporated.

Guests enjoying drinks and conversation may gather on an upper patio, taking in scenic views, while the family dines together below in a separate zone. Between planned flows and purposeful layouts, each level serves a specific purpose to better suit users’ needs.

Of course, where there are heights, safety remains paramount. Sturdy railings provide assurance so inhabitants of all ages may freely move between spaces yet feel secure.

Judicious lighting ensures smooth transitions after dusk as well. With incorporation of built-ins like planters, seats, and grilling stations, functionality blends seamlessly with aesthetic appeal.

2. Integrated Lights

Deck Lighting System

Integrated lighting systems offer convenience and customization. Smart controls allow adjusting settings via apps or voice for a relaxing or festive ambiance. Pathway lights improve safety while accents draw the eye to architectural features.

String lights add warmth and whimsy. LED and solar options provide efficiency and cost savings. Thoughtful lighting extends outdoor living into evenings through a vibrant glow.

3. Eco-Friendly Materials

Eco-Friendly Deck Materials

Conservation and environmental responsibility have increasingly influenced construction approaches and consumer priorities. Composite decking utilizing recycled content provides an aesthetically appealing solution that limits waste through reduced maintenance needs over time.

Its resilience against rot, mold, and pests allows these surfaces to better preserve natural resources.

Bamboo brings innovative options as its rapid growth cycle requires minimal additional cultivation. Offering unique textures, it balances economic and ecological interests through quick regeneration.

Discerning homeowners seeking enduring value for both their investment and the planet find reliable options through certification ensuring sustainable sourcing and production standards.

4. Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

Outdoor Kitchen on Deck

Outdoor kitchen and bar installations have significantly increased the practical uses and enjoyment of modern decks. By incorporating essential cooking amenities like full-sized grills, refrigeration, and food prep areas, decks are transformed into fully-functional outdoor entertaining spaces.

Homeowners can now conveniently host guests for cooking demonstrations or prepare meals seamlessly between indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring they have the right set of high-performance knives for effortless culinary tasks. Durable stainless steel counters and storage provide the functionality needed for culinary activities while withstanding the outdoor elements.

Including comfortable seating around bar areas further encourages socialization and community as friends and family interact.

Overall, adding kitchen and bar components maximizes a deck’s versatility for recreational use and elevates the outdoor living experience. These functional upgrades enhance outdoor spaces in meaningful ways.

5. Focus on Comfortable and Durable

Comfortable Furniture for Deck

When enhancing any outdoor space, furniture is a fundamental element for maximizing use and enjoyment. Investing in quality, weather-resistant pieces ensures long-lasting fulfillment from the space. Comfort should be a top consideration – having inviting seating encourages longer gatherings.

Modular options provide versatility, whether rearranging for different activities or accommodating varied guest lists. Built-ins make the most of limited deck areas while contributing to an integrated look. For chilly nights or extra cushioning, complementary items like throws and pillows can bolster comfort.

Overall, carefully selecting sturdy yet inviting furnishings is key for transforming a deck into a fully functional oasis that accommodates relaxing and socializing for many seasons to come. The right outdoor furniture completes the space and amplifies opportunities for outdoor living.

6. Integrated Fire Pit

Integrated Fire Pit on Deck
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Whether gathering with family or entertaining friends, heat sources can amplify occasions spent enjoying deck areas well into cooler nights. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces keep the company cozy through the shoulder seasons, allowing outdoor function to persist despite changing temperatures.

Gas inserts provide convenient, controllable flames without the work of manually stocking wood. Alternatively, traditional masonry infuses warmth with character and ritual.

Of course, safety remains the top priority in any setup. Installing at a distance from low-hanging eaves and ensuring enclosed barriers to contain flying embers protects property from risk. Complementing arrangements with seating encourage lingering as conversations flow freely under the flickering light.

7. Integration of New Technologies

Deck with Motorized Screen for Shade & UV Protection

These days, innovative features are enhancing outdoor areas in very practical yet convenient ways. Automated shades, roofing systems, and awnings can be activated automatically based on weather conditions like rainfall or wind speed to ensure protection and comfort even without constant manual adjustments.

Meanwhile, controls for lighting, heating, and audio allow seamless customization through a smartphone interface.

Homeowners now have options for customized atmospheres with just a few taps. Subtle accents or vibrant parties are within easy reach depending on the occasion. High-quality sound systems bring entertainment beyond the inside, whether hosting gatherings or enjoying a quiet night under the stars.

Living sustainably often comes down to everyday choices, and deck designs increasingly reflect that reality through solar integration. Panels discretely tucked above or alongside spaces harvest free power throughout sunny seasons, subsequently lighting pathways, infusing cozy heat, or fueling small comforts after dusk without further taxing limited resources or costing household utilities.

Last Words

Outdoor spaces have improved with smart decking. Designs with different levels and lights use eco-friendly materials. Things like multi-tier designs, outdoor kitchens, and fires make spaces more useful and look better.

People find outdoor furniture comfortable for alone time or guests. These new decking options let homeowners enjoy their yards more throughout the day and seasons. Decks now transform living and boost the enjoyment of outside home areas.