How to Prepare for Arbitration Without Losing Your Mind

A Lawyer in The Office Is Preparing for Arbitration

Arbitration often starts from contracts, especially in jobs where these clauses are common. Some state courts even require arbitration before you can go to trial. So, lawyers might find themselves handling arbitration more than expected. Despite its informal vibe and simpler rules, prepping well is key. For clients, arbitration can be as critical as a … Read more

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Why Financial Management at Big Law Firms is a Critical Issue

Financal statistics at law firms

Running a big law firm isn’t just about winning cases and impressing clients. It’s also about keeping the lights on, paying your team, and ensuring the whole operation runs smoothly. One of the biggest challenges these firms face is financial management. It’s a topic that might not seem glamorous, but it’s absolutely critical. Let’s dive … Read more

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