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What You Need to Know About Machine Learning and Data Center Outages

Under Attack: 5 Companies That Recently Experienced DDoS Attacks

Data Center Migration Checklist

Data Center Migration Checklist

Use this checklist to help protect your investment, mitigate potential risk and minimize downtime during your data center migration.

Understanding HIPAA Compliance and Data Centers

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Workload Placement

Employee Spotlight: Brian Lee

3 Reasons Reducing Human Error is Crucial to the IT Space

How Data Availability is Changing Business Needs

How to Redefine the Business Value of IT in the Digital Space

The Most Important Data Center Jobs for 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Service Level Agreement Best Practices

Employee Spotlight: Tony O'Yang

Understanding Lift and Shift and If It’s Right For You

Best Practices for Preventing DDoS Attacks

How Optimizing Network Performance Can Help Your Uptime

5 Ways for Data Center Providers To Stand Out From The Crowd

Why Your Business Needs to Be Preventing DDoS Attacks

Don't Be a Turkey: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Website Crashes

Employee Spotlight: Charles Davenport

How Physically Secure is Your Data Center

Everything You Need to Know About vXchnge’s New SLA Uptime Calculator

5 Ways Data Center Solutions Can Improve Your Bundled Services

5 Reasons Why Data Centers Need a Management Software

How is Demand Driving Data Center Market Growth

Employee Spotlight: Eileen Skinner

Why AI Relies Heavily on Data Centers

5 Signs it’s Time for a Data Center Migration

5 Ways MSPs Can Benefit From a Data Center Partnership

5 Reasons Data Center Remote Hands Are Crucial to Your Business

6 Tips for Better Data Center Optimization

Employee Spotlight: Zach Jones

What is SDDC Virtualization and Why Does it Matter?

Why Data Centers Are the Foundation for Cloud Resellers

Why Data Center Uptime is Vital for the Internet of Things

Can Your Data Center Handle Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Employee Spotlight: Pablo Rosa

Why the Smart City Needs a Smarter Data Center

Scarier Than Halloween: Cyberattacks Are Increasing

Here Are the Top 5 Ways Data Center Tiers Affect Your Finances

Can Liquid Cooling Solve Data Center Heat Problems?

Employee Spotlight: Kaylie Gyarmathy

What Are the Most Common Causes of Server Downtime?

Fault Tolerance vs High Availability: Are They Different

10 Best Practices You Need to Know to Minimize Server Downtime

How Will Real-Time Retail Impact Data Centers?

Employee Spotlight: Emily Bradshaw

The Advantages of Data Center Consolidation

The Top 5 Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

What Happens When Your Servers Go Down

Why Higher Ed Needs to Study Up on Data Centers

Employee Spotlight: Blair O'Toole

5 Things You Need to Look for in Your Data Center SLA

Ghost in the Machine: The Future of Automated Data Centers

The 5 Most Critical Challenges to Hybrid Cloud Security

How 5G Adoption Will Impact Data Centers

Employee Spotlight: Jake Griffin

How Mobile Apps Grow Data Centers

How to Grow Green Power for More Sustainable Data Centers

Hybrid Cloud vs Multi-Cloud: How to Pick the Best Business Option

AI and Robots in Data Centers: The Pros and Cons

Employee Spotlight: Chris McLane

5 Ways Mobile Edge Computing is Transforming the Telecom Industry

5 Reasons Edge Computing Needs to be Part of Your IT Infrastructure

Top 5 Ways System Downtime Could Impact Your Company

6 Fascinating Facts About Data Centers

Employee Spotlight: Evan Harrison

Why Manufacturing is One of Edge Computing's Best Use Cases

How to Scale Your Small Business With a Data Center

5 Use Cases You Need to Know for Edge Computing and Healthcare

Employee Spotlight: Ricardo Rodriguez

What You Need to Know About How IoT Devices are Impacting Your Company

5 Use Cases To Need Know for Edge Computing and Autonomous Vehicles

5 IoT Statistics You Need to Know in 2019

Watch This Livestream of Microsoft's Underwater Data Center

Employee Spotlight: Nathan Larscheid

5 Big Businesses That Were Impacted by System Downtime

What You Need to Consider When Choosing a Data Center Location

Why IT Teams Should Care About Data Center Tier Classification

Employee Spotlight: Elif Ozden

Why Streaming Services Will Need More Edge Data Centers

Are Data Centers Running Out of Storage Space?

Why “Data Center as a Service” is the Future of Colocation

Market for Data Center Cooling Expected to Hit $8 Billion by 2023

Employee Spotlight: Kyle Grantling

Your Cloud Provider Just Went Out of Business. What Happens Now?

Is Bigger Better? The Rise of Hyperscale Data Centers

What You Need to Know About Carrier Neutral Colocation

Consumers and Brands Love Video: What That Means for Data Centers

How to Protect Data Centers From a New Generation of DDoS Attacks

Power Hungry: The Growing Energy Demands of Data Centers

Building a Better Data Center With Predictive Analytics

Gartner Predicts the End of Data Centers — A Few Flaws With That

Finding a Needle in a Haystack: How to Manage Unstructured Data

How to Develop a Cloud Strategy

Securing the Cloud with Hardware Security Modules

Is Your Data Center Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

vXchnge Celebrates 5 Years: A Look Back on The Journey

How to Choose a Colocation Provider

Is Your Data Center Ready to Take on the Challenges of IoT?

The 5 Best Benefits of Edge Computing

How to Maintain Data Security in Edge Computing

The Future of Data Centers Service Assurance & Expectations

Checklist: How to Define an Edge Data Center

Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing: What You Need to Know

The Real Consequences of Noncompliance in Your Data Center

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Data Center Provider

5 Edge Computing Use Cases With Huge Potential

Fog Computing and Edge Computing: 4 Things You Need to Know

What is Edge Computing and Is It the Next Big Thing?

Now is the Time to Take Your Computing To The Edge

Adhering to ISO 27001 Fortifies Your Data Security & Bottom Line

Types and Tiers of Data Centers: A Primer

Why Colocation is the Solution for Critical IT Operations

3 Reasons Edge Computing Is Critical to IoT

The Steep Cost of Outages and Subpar Data Center Management

What 99.999% Network Uptime Really Means for Your Business

Rediscovering Computing Control with the Hybrid Cloud Model

How Container Orchestration Helps Apps Reach Peak Performance

Emerging Technology Requires Innovative Data Center Management

The Relationship Between Blockchain And Data Centers

Why Data Centers Must Adapt For Hyperconvergence

Data Center Management: Human vs. Automation

Why Dropbox Is Dropping The Cloud For Data Centers

Evolving Data Security in the Open Source Boom

The Future of Cloud Computing: Strategies & Best Practices

Why are Data Center Switches on the Rise?

Welcome to the vXchnge Blog

Dissecting the Limitations of "Freemium" Cloud Computing

Network Redundancy Primer

Getting Ready to Move to the Cloud

Four Steps to Developing A Multi-Cloud Migration Plan

Three Challenges to Optimizing Multi-Cloud Architecture

Best Practices for Evaluating Your Multi-Cloud Architecture Options

Considering Next-Gen Technologies for a Multi-Cloud Architecture

How to Determine Your Needs for a Multi-Cloud Architecture

Why Amazon’s Rule Over the Cloud Is Good for Colocation Providers

How MSPs Can Improve Uptime Reliability

Four Challenges to Uptime for Managed Service Providers

What Should Colocation Look Like in the Digital Era?

Iowa to be the Home of Apple’s Next Data Center

A Colocation-Cloud Hybrid Approach: What it Could Mean for Businesses

Destruction of Service Attacks: A New Kind of Cyberthreat

The Benefits of Data Centers in Cloud Computing

How Data Center Cooling Works

Exploring the WannaCry and Petya Cyber Attacks

Four Ways to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

How to Choose the Right Data Center for Your Business, Part 2

How Companies Choose a Location for Their Data Center

Why Enterprises Turn to Data Centers

Fact or Fiction? 7 Data Center Trends Revealed

Client Spotlight: MetricStream Sponsors GRC Summit 2017

4 Takeaways from Facebook’s Foray into Telecom

How to Choose the Right Data Center for Your Business, Part 1

Reducing Data Gravity in a Cloud-Centric IT Environment

vXchnge CMO Ernie Sampera Weighs in on Data Center Connections

What’s Driving Colocation Trends?

Competition in Wireless Market Heats Up

Google Gives Last Mile a Shot of “Espresso”

New Sierra-Cedar Survey Drives Innovation for Finance and Supply Chain

DDoS Attacks Set to Increase in 2017

How Redundancy and DDoS Protection Keep Your Data Center Connected

Vertiv: A Case Study in Cooling Edge Data Centers

Why Green Data Centers will Bloom in 2017

Is Your Business Ready For VPLS?

Podcast: How Data Center Software Enhances Client Security

5 Ways Data Centers Must Adapt to Support IoT

100 IT Decision-makers Share Insight on the Future of Data Centers

Top IoT Trends in eHealth Requiring Colocation or Cloud [Podcast]

How Smarter Customer Portals Improve Data Center Experience [Podcast]

Top IoT Trends in Auto Industry Needing Colocation and Cloud [Podcast]

Podcast: How ISO 27001 Impacts an Edge Data Center

How ISO 27001 Improves Data Security and Business Performance

Data to Outpace Disk Storage Technologies

How to Transition From IPv4 to IPv6

Why Is A Raised Floor Important?

Cloudamize CEO, Bob Moul, Discusses Cloud Adoption Strategy [Podcast]

Philadelphia Technology Spotlight Podcast Series [By John Panzica]

Top Data Center Migration to Cloud Considerations [Interview]

Taking the Time to do IoT Networking Right

Podcast: The Power of a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Beating Latency and Building Data Centers for Modern Apps [Podcast]

Data Centers are Growing, Here’s Why

Why Hybrid Cloud Is Gaining Velocity

Watch Out for These Data Center Gotchas

Viewing the Cloud Through Windows

Where Will Your Data Center be in 20 Years?

Podcast: Sara Rauchwerger Discusses Hot Data Center Trends

Peace of Mind While the Storm Rages Outside

Cost-to-Revenue? The Changing Role of Data Center Management

Density At Scale: Balancing Cost and Quality

Why vXchnge Went to Philly (and How It Affects the Community)

John Panzica Discusses How to Get the Infrastructure Right [Podcast]

Is Price How You Should Select a Data Center?

What Facebook Learned About Data Center Resiliency (Why it Matters)

What You Need to Know About Data Center Location

Why Scalable Density Makes a Difference

Why We Need Data Centers in the Right Location

Intel Security Drops Local Data Centers for Complete Colocation

Big Mistakes in Data Center Cooling

Distribution and Distance in the Evolving Data Center

5 Data Center Trends to Watch Out for This Year

Data Center Automation—A Look at TCO in Five Years

Will Freemium Cloud Services Disappear?

Gartner: Prepare for a Disruptive Data Center Future

New Ideas in Data Center Cooling

Getting Data Centers Ready for Big Data

Making the Most of Your Vendor-Neutral Data Center

Reducing TCO with a Software-Defined Data Center

Going Dark — When Data Centers Flip the Switch

The Super-Mega 15kW Data Center: Finding Common Words For Clarity

Power, Performance and...Tax Breaks? A Colocation Hosting Audit

Data Center Management: Measure Twice, Provision Once

Fog Computing Explained

Opportunity Calling: Telecoms Answer with Managed Data Center Services

Creating Cost-effective Hybrid Cloud

Redefining the Accidental Data Center

Your Data Center and the Micro Cloud: Going Micro with Cloud Is Big

Need For Speed: New Data Center Standards Hit the Ground Running

Mastering the Art of Data Management

How a Mobile Content Delivery Platform Improves ROI

Data Center Standards: A Crash Course in Future-Proofing

Carrier Neutral, Choice Positive: The New Data Center

6 Ways You Can Benefit From Remote Hands (and Sleep Better Too)

The Designer Data Center: Fujitsu and Intel Get Creative

Cloud Computing Solutions and Their Impact on IT Agility

Government Data Center Consolidation: NASA Has Space For Your Opinion

When Your Data Center Moves To The ‘Burbs

Photonic Switching for Data Center Operations: Three Use Cases

Open Data Centers and the Failure Feature

New DCIM Features: Change Management and Capacity Map

Vimeo Grabs Top YouTube Talent — Are Video Data Centers Prepared?

Let's Get Physical: The Evolving Role of Data Center Security

Data Center Management: Is an OS the Answer?

Hot to Trot? The Paradox of Data Center Cooling

The Internet of Things is Coming, Is Your Data Center Ready?

Colocation Data Centers: Does 'Local' Really Matter?

Are Cloud Services Secure Enough For Your Business?

Smartphone Dominance? Cisco's Mobile Cloud Predictions

vXchnge Brings Next-Generation Data Center to Philadelphia

Is Your E-commerce Site Ready for the Mobile Cloud?

Talking TCO: What's the Real Deal with Data Center Consolidation?

The Internet of Things (IoT): All Talk or Transforming Data Centers?

Is Your Data Center Ready For Your Cloud-Based Application?

Google's Last Mile — Colocation Hosting Goes the Distance

Instant Communication to Impact Data Center Design?

Goooooooooal! Mobile Cloud Scores Big for World Cup

Fog Computing: Fad or Phenomenon?

Wasted Heat and The Data Center Value Proposition

10 Critical Questions to Ask Your Next Data Center Manager

Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds: A Primer

Improvements in Data Center Efficiency Cool Down Costs

How Will Virtualization Affect Your Data Center Power Density?

5 Things You Should Be Doing for Data Center Efficiency